Bloggers in pursuit of corruption and duplicity?

As regulars will know, I don’t share Guido and Iain Dale‘s conviction that John Prescott’s private life is a matter for public scrutiny. However their scrunity of political detail (regardless of declared motive) can only improve the accountablity of politicians to the citizenry. Too often politicians believe that if they only can beat the news cycle, bad news can simply be buried. And in most cases they are absolutely right. Blogging can help change all that. When lies and duplicity are spotted can and should hold that politician’s, or party’s, feet to the fire. In the end, it has the potential to keep everyone honest. Such scruntiny is probably best prosecuted by bloggers who don’t care about the outcome. Guido quoted in today’s Observer:

‘Guido’ has told friends that his motivation is that he ‘genuinely despises politicians blatantly lying to us’, adding that far from having a ‘Tory’ agenda, ‘after a few drinks, I think anarcho-capitalism is the best way of organising humanity’. Asked by The Observer why he thought his blog had generated such heated criticism, he said: ‘The main problem for everybody for me is that (a) I don’t want a career in politics (b) I don’t want a career in journalism (c) I have resources and ability, and (d) I don’t give a flying fuck what you think.’

  • Rory

    I might seem a most unlikely defender of Guido or Iain Dale, Mick, but to be fair they both only comment on press stories already in the public domain – both on The Mail on Sunday report on Rosie Winterton, itself full of innuendo (which journalistic tactic also provides a basis for their comment)- and Iain Dale on a story about Max Clifford claiming to have a story.

    We would have to assume some motivation in their act of spreading these stories (perhaps non-stories in the tried and true Northcliff tradition) to a wider audience and perhaps we may infer likely motivation from their political persuasion as revealed by the style and content of their sites over time, but it is still fair comment and I don’t think they have transgressed (even if I do think they’re both rabid, rabble rousing Tory…..(goes on like this berating the Tories for four more pages until Herself administers to him a merciful tranquilising rap around the lugs with the wooden spoon).