Rossknowlagh day

The ‘Mini-Twelfth’ of the RoI border county lodges will be held in Rossknowlagh. The event, that is growing in popularity, is expected to have 15,000 people attending. This parade is usually used as an example of tolerance . However, its historical basis is not a story of tolerance. Twelfth parades ended in Monaghan and Cavan after intimidation and attacks in 1931. This pattern was repeated in Dublin in 1937. The Donegal County Twelfth ended when it was stoned out of Donegal Town. Since then Border lodges have headed north for the main Twelfth demonstration and Rossknowlagh was chosen as the venue for a ‘mini-Twelfth’ for the southern lodges because of its seclusion (and hopefully safety).

Recent years is a mixed picture, an Orange parade at the invitation of the Dublin Lord Mayor was cancelled following threats and the Love Ulster Victims demonstration led to republican riots. In Donegal, there were a few attempts to block parades in the late 1990’s but last year saw a successful Black parade in Raphoe.