Price goes up for the oldest game in town

Some say its the oldest profession in the world, but the methods used to bring in the shekels are keeping up with the times in Belfast. Seems that savvy international prostitutes are advertising on the internet and arranging to come to Belfast for a specified period of time to keep appointments, making up to Β£4,000 a night. One recently advertised escort girls from Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, Japan, Argentina and Germany. They were all due to visit the city or had recently been here. The website offers prices and ranges of services. Mobile phone numbers and email addresses were also included.

On the other end of the scale of course, are the regular street walkers and brothel women. It’s estimated that there are about 60 brothels in Belfast, and the area at the back of the City Hall is notorious (aparently) for prostitution. Last September a special Drugs and Vice Unit was set up through the South Belfast DCU and they claim to have shut down 20 of the 60 brothels in the city. Mind you, as soon as one shuts another opens, so the real issue should be a rational approach to an issue that hasnt gone away and has existed for thousands of years.

  • Nevin

    Miss Fitz, that’s a nice photo at the City Hall. Were you asking the driver directions to the William Crawley history roadshow? πŸ˜‰

  • Miss Fitz

    Thank you Nevin, I always think I look good at that angle……

  • joeCanuck

    The problem Miss Fitz is that very few governments around the western world have ever taken a rational approach to this unsolveable situation (I won’t call it a problem).
    I would bet that, if they ever succeeding in eliminating the profession, the number of sexual assaults on women would go up.
    The only rational solution that I can think of is to set up and regulate licensed brothels, away from residential areas. Crack down on those operating outside.
    That would keep underage people out of the business, would make life safer for the sex trade workers, and would allow for health monitoring of the sex providers, both to the advantage of them and their clients.
    Will that ever happen by Nov 24th.
    Perhaps, but it will probably be Nov 24th, 2106.

  • CS Parnell

    And I thought all the cute hoors were in City hall πŸ™‚

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Damn Miss Fitz you’ve caught me out — how did you manage to get a photo of me kerb-crawling in 1973? Incidentally I turned the lady down for smoking in a public place and being unable to get her chest through the passenger window.

  • Are the paramilitaries involved in this? If not, why not?

  • Greenflag

    ‘Are the paramilitaries involved in this? If not, why not? ‘

    Because then you would have to have Catholic prostitutes and Protestant prostitutes instead of just hoors ? . I’m reminded of the remark of the hard of hearing nun in the Sisters of Mercy ‘career’ class.


    ‘ Now Mary what would you like to be when you grow up’?

    Mary: ‘A prostitute sister ‘says Mary

    Nun : (in shock ) A what ?

    Mary : ‘A prostitute ‘ sister

    Nun : (relieved) ‘Oh that’s alright my child I thought you said a protestant ‘

    The authorities need to send somebody to Germany or Holland and see how those countries seem to manage the ‘oldest’ trade . Let the police focus on the real criminals .

  • Brian Boru

    Adult prostitution should be legalised internationally. Brothels should be licensed and an inspectorate established to monitor standards. A brothel should lose its license for violating these rules e.g. age of consent, HIV tests, condoms etc. Regarding the price, competition authorities should crack down on cartels and other restrictive practices!

    This would free future prostitutes from the tyranny of the violent pimp, who takes all their money and beats them up when their not servicing a client.

  • Brian Boru

    It should also be taxed. It would be in a truckload of cash for hospitals, schools etc.

  • Cynic

    A tax on sex? Dont even put that idea into the Government’s head Brian. It will be in the next Budget and then where will we be? Think of the problems

    ~ do you have to declare it to the Revenue each year?
    ~ a flat rate tax or an escalating one?
    ~ any rebate for early completion?
    ~ do you get a married persons’ allowance (although single people might have more need of it!)

  • diver

    Seeing as most of the prostitution rackets in Belfast are under the control of loyalist paramilitaries, perhaps the government could channel some of the 32 million for loyalist communities into helping the female victims of these pimps.

  • Sue

    At least these prostitutes work for their living unlike the rest of the province.

  • Good point Sue. Let’s salute them. They are morte honest and, I daresay, more moral than the politicians

  • Nevin

    Here’s a related theme from today’s Sindo:

    Ireland ranked 10th in promiscuity survey

    10:47 Sunday July 9th 2006

    A new study shows the Irish are among the most promiscuous people in the world.

    Ireland placed 10th in the survey, with the average person having eleven sexual partners in their lifetime.

    It also showed three in five people have had unprotected sex with someone without knowing their sexual history.

    The survey, carried out by condom-makers Durex, is the biggest of its kind in the world.

    Presumably this survey will indicate to the sex slave traders where the market opportunities are and to health professionals the consequences for STD statistics.

  • No surveys please. Is Durex an independnet source btw?
    STDs are fascinating. There are about 1,000,000 HIV+ Americans, 750,000 West Europeans and 7,000 Japanese.

  • Cynic

    The Title of this Blog suggests the price is going up. If the supply is going up at the same time, why isn’t the price falling? Either there’s an even bigger rise in consumption or there’s an Economics PhD in this for someone or its all nonsense.

  • Miss Fitz

    While I do not ply the trade myself, I can make an educated guess having READ all the material linked to the post.

    The prices have gone up for certain sectors of prostitutes in Belfast. It would be like paying different prices in Primark as opposed to Marks and Spencers. To keep to this analogy, there are more of the ‘goods’ available at the lower end of the market, keeping the price down relatively low there.

    One more piece of advice….. dont apply for the PhD, you wouldnt have a mission

  • Cynic

    Ah Mizz Fitz, these days you never know on the PhD front.

    Anyway, I bow to your (apparently) superior knowledge of differential pricing in the Belfast Sex Trade. I just wonder who did the resarch to produce the figures – although, of course, the Bel Tel is an impeccable source.

  • Miss Fitz

    I came across a great article accidentally in the Village magazine of June 1-7th. I cant find a link, but if you have any chance of picking up a back copy, its priceless. Ohio girl comes to Belfast for a week or two, and goes back to New York labelled Beth from Belfast…..

    Makes a fortune on the game as she is ‘from’ NI

  • Donnacha

    The NZ government (to the absolute horror of the religious nutters down here) legalised the sex industry and the sky didn’t fall in. In fact, things have become a bit saner, with owner-operator houses of negotiable affection springing up with comforting regularity. It has also had beneficial side-effects, including the removal of the criminal element from the equation, meaning safer conditions for the workers themselves; an increase in the tax take; and — wonderfully — it has brought the industry under the auspices of the Consumer Protection Act. From now on, an hour MEANS an hour and value for money has become the subject of legislation.

  • Rory

    The major problem seems to me to be the exploitation of women, often against their will, by violent men. This has been exacerbated by human trafficking (or ‘white slavery’ as it was once known). Prostitution is unlikely to disappear anytime soon and some feminists have argued, not without merit, that bourgeois marriage is in itself a form of prostitution for women.

    I don’t suppose to know an “answer” but more rigorous action against the pimps and traffickers would be welcome in order to protect women engaged in the trade whether of their own volition or no.

    Speaking of Phd’s, I see that the hypnotist, Paul McKenna, has a libel action ongoing against the Daily Mirror for, he says, falsely asserting that he earned his Phd from La Salle University of Louisiana merely by paying a fee of around $2,000, effectively purchasing his doctorate which in any case is academically worthless.

    Can anyone think of any Ulster celebrity of mesmeric powers, perhaps with a loud voice and often seen wearing a dog-collar, who is suspected of obtaining his doctorate in the way it is alleged Mr McKenna acquired his?

    Answers on the back of a hymn sheet, please, to my usual address, enclosing a Β£10 note for administration costs. (No cheques).