Price goes up for the oldest game in town

Some say its the oldest profession in the world, but the methods used to bring in the shekels are keeping up with the times in Belfast. Seems that savvy international prostitutes are advertising on the internet and arranging to come to Belfast for a specified period of time to keep appointments, making up to £4,000 a night. One recently advertised escort girls from Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, Japan, Argentina and Germany. They were all due to visit the city or had recently been here. The website offers prices and ranges of services. Mobile phone numbers and email addresses were also included.

On the other end of the scale of course, are the regular street walkers and brothel women. It’s estimated that there are about 60 brothels in Belfast, and the area at the back of the City Hall is notorious (aparently) for prostitution. Last September a special Drugs and Vice Unit was set up through the South Belfast DCU and they claim to have shut down 20 of the 60 brothels in the city. Mind you, as soon as one shuts another opens, so the real issue should be a rational approach to an issue that hasnt gone away and has existed for thousands of years.