Forza Azzuri! (at least if you like ice cream)

Damien Morelli, owner of Morelli’s famed ice cream parlour in Portstewart, is offering free ice cream if his beloved Italy win the World Cup on Sunday. Now I know I backed France in our World Cup prediction thread (and was scoffed at by many sluggerites- had to get that in) but I reckon if I was up the Portstewart way tomorrow, I would experience conflicting loyalties…

  • ingram


    A good post. The Azzuri for me.


  • Nevin

    Ronan Lundy, on Your Place and Mine this morning, subjected his tastebuds to a new delight from a farm near Castlerock – Cow-pat Icecream!!

  • Keith M

    “Cow-pat Icecream”. I think Americans got there first, but they call it “Cookie Dough”.

    Anyway, I’m no fan of the team or their style of football, but I will always favour Italy over France.

  • francesco

    daje pure te!

  • Bet they were busy in Morellis last night!

  • He did it. In his typical good-natured spirit, Damien gave away ice cream for two and a half hours, with queues forming on both sides of the street!

    Generous in victory. And good for business.