Fancy yourself as a book reviewer?

Tim Worstall‘s Nightcap Syndication is new site that hopes to sell the work of bloggers into the mainstream. This month he’s running a competition on behalf of the review editor of one of the US’s largest newspapers. So if you are already freelancing and want to break out, or you just fancy yourself as a reviewer, send them 650 words on any book off your bookshelf and see what happens.

  • Nevin

    By way of an aside, Lenin’s Tomb will be more interested in the fate of Craig Murray than in compiling a review. It seem there’s a limit on the freedom of information ..

  • Rory

    Gee thanks, Mick. That’s as near as it gets to having the boss award a free lottery ticket to all staff as a Christmas bonus.

    The readers of small town America now await me.

    Pity really. I am much too viscerally influenced by the enduring imagery of William Holden and Kim Novak ( Sweet Mother of Christ, Kim Novak!) in Picnic. I shall probably jump on the wrong train (again).

  • Mick Fealty

    Just do it Rory! 😉


    Interesting concept gentlemen and a step along the convergence of old and new media, with the old still holding a lot of aces. Unless this initiative can help old media cut costs – the advantages to the web site are obvious and fair play to them – I can’t see this turkey flying.

    Maybe I will do a review of the latesat books by Gerry A, Danny M and Martin I. How will that see in Peoria?

  • Check out the salary report for some of the US mags here

    eg – Playboy
    Editorial Assistant 32K; 11 holidays (pre-2003)

    I’m sure there’d be more perks than that working for Playboy ( did I spell that right p_ _ _ K S ? 😉

  • pith

    It says there in the link that the editor is looking for 650 words. That’s ridiculous. I reviewed a book of Gerry Adams man of letters one time. It it only took me the one word and that included an asterix. People want too much these days.

  • Rory

    Bloody hell, Pith! Youll be doing Proust in one four lettered word next. I can only cut him down to eight (well six, if I use phonetic spelling).

    Jeez! 11 days holiday for a top geezer at Playboy, Cybez. He should get the union on the job and negotiate for better conditions. I would be demanding that it be cut to 5 meself. The cruelty of being parted longer from all those lovlies is just barbaric. Typical of bloody profit-mongering, capitalist publishers etc. etc. (continues in this vein for another 12 pages).

  • pith


    Didn’t Proust feature in the Cantona I’m a poseur list somewhere between Rimbaud and the seagulls? May I suggest that you rewrite your review of the author’s work to include reference to the footballer. In that way you could make use of both the six and eight letter versions of your preferred literary motif without repeating yourself. It would also allow you to use the word, ‘big’.

  • Rory

    Good idea, Pith. I’ll take your advice. Hooray! Fame and fortune beckons.