“You could not conclude there is any great momentum..”

Hain’s assembly closed today for a summer recess, apart from Hain’s committee which meets again on Monday, and the debate was marked by severe criticism of the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland and his approach to the current political process from all parties, except for Sinn Féin who added their criticism outside the chamber since they’re still boycotting debates. More interesting was the appearance in Stormont of Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte, leaders of Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party, clearly presenting themselves as, potentially, the next Irish Government and meeting with the various parties today – RTÉ reports that they were not optimistic of the 24 November deadline being met.

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  • Keith M

    Interesting little day trip by Kenny and Rabbitte. Up to now the opposition here has basically supported the government on N.I. policy, but it seems that FG/Labour may wish to be more selective which might well pay dividends, especially if SF/IRA are not prepared to abandon criminality and support the police.

    Rabbitte’s comment on the DUP, that “they clearly feel if this issue of connections with criminality is not dealt with by November 24, then it is not likely to be dealt with thereafter” is something which may provide an opportunity for the opposition here over the next few months.

  • harpo

    ‘More interesting was the appearance in Stormont of Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte, leaders of Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party’

    Maybe they were up campaigning for speaking rights for southerners at Stormont.

  • Greenflag

    Kenny and Rabbitte interesting ?

    Yea , right and they have about as much chance of being the next Irish government as Paisley or Adams have of being First Minister of NI .

  • Greenflag

    ‘The Stormont assembly has closed for the summer recess’

    The joke of the day. So if this is called a recess what word is used for the past 3 or 4 years of self inflicted ‘recess’? or the previous 35 years of ‘suspension’ ?

    Away with the farce – On to repartition !

  • Nevin

    Have you staged this “On To Repartition” farce yet, Mr Ding Dong Denny?

    PS I thought OTR stood for “On The Runs”!!

  • michael

    im not fond of this constant repartition nonsense!

    i usually live in antrim! i’d be left out and stuck in with an even more pathetic 2 county statlet. i dont want my nationality to be ulidian, it sounds like something out of Startrek!

    i then presume that the repartitioners argue in the hope that the new statelet of western-northern-ireland (or as all nationalists will referr to it the west of the north of ireland, what a mouthful!!!) would be so politically and economically terrible that they would give up that silly unionist rubbish and come running to the new ’30 county republic of most of but not all of ireland’ begging and pleeding that they had been wrong all along! we would then build a new irish kingdom with orlaith mcallister as our queen and the corrs as her ladies in waiting!

  • Pete Baker


    There is only one repartitioner who posts comments here.. and he’s already been warned about attempting to hijack threads…

  • michael

    LOL! good!

  • Greenflag


    ‘i’m not fond of this constant repartition nonsense! ‘

    So you’re fond of this constant Assembly farce committee/sub committee nonsense ?

  • Greenflag

    ‘I thought OTR stood for “On The Runs”!! ‘

    Not at all . More likely to stand for ‘Over the Rainbow’ which is probably the only place you’ll ever see DUP/SF power sharing .