Donegal Democrat tells it like it is

The Donegal Democrat is carrying the results of a survey it commissioned on attitudes to various topics with respondents throughout the county. The results make interesting reading, and it appears to be a very honest snapshot of feelings and attitudes in the area. 38% of people surveyed do not think the arrival of foriegn nationals in recent times is a good thing. The paper’s editor pointed out that the ‘don’t knows’ in this category were 20%, much higher than for any other question, so the figure of unease toward foreign nationals may be much higher than it appears. 92% of those surveyed felt sex before marriage was OK, a fact that hasn’t gone down well with the local catholic authorities. No matter what the results or interpretations are, it’s healthy and productive to ventilate these issues and illuminating for all of us to place our perceptions up against reality and critically evaluate the two.