West Lothian solution ‘a constitutional abortion’?

Hmmm, things are hotting up on the constitutional position viz a viz the West Lothian question. There seems to be considerable anger on both sides of the argument within the Tory party, which party’s Unionist credentials must surely be under some strain. Blair’s not for turning, and neither is Brown likely to, despite the goading in his own back yard.

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  • Gum

    I think Blair will outthink Cameron on this one. His performance in PMQs yesterday showed his experience – the coordination with Labour backbenchers to provide ammo for him showed that they were read for Cameron on this one. This is a Hague-like bandwagon issue that I suspect will be quietly shelved before the election.

  • dodrade

    Anyone see Michael Portillo on This Week last night? He seemed almost to welcome the breakup of the union if it put the Tories back in power. Surely this is a far greater threat to the Union than the IRA or SNP have ever been.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Ja der anschluss is kaputt!!!!!! kameraden;¬)