O’Muilleoir steps out into blogosphere

Labelling his blog ‘From the Balcony,’ Daily Ireland and Andersonstown News Group publisher, Mairtin O’ Muilleoir, has dipped his toes into the blogging world. I stand to be corrected, but this would appear to be the first blog set up by a publisher/ editor from one of the local papers. Good luck, Mairtin!

  • Shore Road Resident

    Preparing for the closure of the paper already, I see.
    Why no mention, on this site where all things Daily Ireland are mentioned, of the Andersonstown News Group selling off its Dublin local paper interests to the Irish Times?
    This was a much better investment than the Dreary Provo – but it looks like they’ve had to flog it off after little more than a year.
    As O’Millionaire himself would say – Cash crisis, how are ye?

  • Mick Fealty

    To my knowledge you are right Chris, though the BBC editor’s blog has been public for a few weeks now. Nice one Mairtin. Welcome aboard!!

    I was particularly interested in his take on the NIAC report:

    The Committee was six months deliberating on this issue and it’s just their misfortune that by the time they got round to reporting, the governmental agenda in Dublin and London has moved on and there’s no interest in more criminality smears against republicans.
    Timing in politics, of course, is everything so expect the British Direct Rule minister who has promised to respond swiftly to the Committee report to forget all about it.

    This poses an interesting question. The timing could be (as Mairtin says) crucial. We are just on the tail end of the political year, and it may well be that this report is the equivalent of a Friday afternoon scoop.

    The DUP clearly doesn’t think so. And it has to be said the committee has pulled a few rabbits out of the hat. Still September is a long way away, and the SDLP (probably the only ones capable of landing serious blows on SF) seem to have lost the desire to draw blood for most of this season (unlike last year – ed).

    Keep watching this space.

  • Cahal

    Believe it or not, I was going to mention that O’ Muilleoir’s blog would be a good place for SRR to complain about ‘themmuns’ having the cheek to start a newspaper.

    Looks like he kinda proved my point in the first comment.

  • Shore Road Resident

    The problem with Daily Ireland is that ‘themmuns’ have had the cheek not to buy it.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Stupidly, I’ve just sat down and read the blog – apparently there is no rackateering at all by republicans. At all. Not less than there used to be or even significantly less than there used to be. But none. So that whole business in Downpatrick with the Sinn Fein election worker was just a misunderstanding, presumably?

    In his rush to damn the NIAC for daring to mention republicans, yer man has completely missed the devestating impact its verdict on loyalism is already having on the UUP. But sure who cares about that when the glorious reputation of the IRA has been slightly impunged?

  • Mick Fealty


    Can we drop the ‘attack’ stuff SRR. I’m getting bored rigid with it.

    I’m not picking you out for special mention. So much of the discussion on Slugger recently has consisted of anonymous individuals rehearsing their favourite lines with absolutely no reference to the links or stories in hand. The Sandy Row festival and Ballymena stories today were a perfect case in point.

    You may not like Mairtin, but at least give him the respect of attacking what he writes rather than what you think his motive is!!

  • Carson’s Cat

    “Believe it or not, I was going to mention that O’ Muilleoir’s blog would be a good place for SRR to complain about ‘themmuns’ having the cheek to start a newspaper.”

    Surely you mean the cheek to start a newspaper and expect the Government to fund it. Then also expect the Government to further subsidise it through advertising despite the lack of readership to justify it.

    With support like that you could put an argument forward that the Really Direland is a united Ireland fifth (newspaper) columist!

  • Cahal

    “Surely you mean the cheek to start a newspaper and expect the Government to fund it. Then also expect the Government to further subsidise it through advertising despite the lack of readership to justify it. ”

    No, I mean what I wrote. I really don’t understand the level of criticism aimed at the DI by certain groups. It is no more biased than the Newsletter or the Guardian or Daily Mail for that matter. If you don’t like it, start your own newspaper.

  • Mick: I feel the comments of Shore Road Resident, who has a refreshingly acrid tongue, and other Unionists are very valid here. Most people, Unionists to begin with, would not be too interested with what Mairtin writes and would, like me and maybe you, be more interested in where he writes.
    Why did he feel the need to write a blog separate from the paper? The BBC, to whom you compare the DI, have their editors’ blog on their website. The Guardian use their blog services as extensions of their letters and op ed pieces. But the editor of the far famed DI divorces himself from the paper. Why is he not reinforcing the DI brand?

    This means that SRR and others would have to read DI and then go to a different website to get the editor’s scoop. Very odd.

  • Mick Fealty

    Taigs, I don’t care about his politics or anyone else’s. I’m just getting fed up with endless ex temporising that’s been going on here recently. It’s just plain dull and tedious – whoever indulges in it. What followed was fine, since it was at least commenting on what was written.

    Focus people, focus!!

  • rat on the titanic

    Taigs, I thought the captain was supposed to go down with the ship?

  • Depends who the captain is. His blog makes it seem he is death against the redistribution of grant money from the Provos Nationalists to the Orangies. But revolutionaries should not be trying to get to power with a dole cheque in one hand and a government grant in the other.
    As the blog is a freebie and as this media magnate must have a few bob in “the bank” he could do more. But it is probably a fishing expedition of no great consequence. With The Guardian and BBC expanding like they are and the Irish News etc playing cute games, maybe not much room for DI.

    A question to my Orange friends: who thought up the Direland title? Was it that obvious?

  • Fiona commented on Ó Muilleoir on Sunday in her blog

    Máirtin Ó Muilleoir – This one’s for YOU

    Every time I go over to read Daily Ireland, I see the banner ad for the new blog started by the paper’s publisher, Máirtin Ó Muilleoir, at Blogspot called From the Balcony, A Publisher’s Blog.

    When I first saw that ad, I went right over to see the blog and to wish him well in a comment–which I did (on my Blogger log-in name). I told him Blogspot had given me my start about 3 years ago and I hoped he would be very happy there. I also gave him a tip about hosting his photos, including his non-showing profile photo, at Imageshack.

    < --- Here, Máirtin, use this link for God's sake!Well, if you will notice, his photo is STILL not showing, and my comment never showed up either because he didn't approve it. This annoys me a bit because I don't think there is enough good will in the world for people to go around being so arrogant that they shut out other people's good wishes for no good reason. I noticed he approved Chris Gaskin's comment, another fellow blogger on the North. But then, Chris is an avid Sinn Féin supporter. Maybe that's the difference that got his comment approved. Or maybe they are mates. I'm not faulting Chris. He is welcome to his views. Maybe Máirtin dislikes that I archive his articles. Who knows?It's no big deal. Just petty shite. But it annoys me.

    Obviously this guy Ó Muilleoir needs to learn bloggers etiquette…there are a few ignobloggers about!

  • Keith M

    Ubder the “if he can do it, anyone can” premise I think I’ll start my own blog.

  • slug

    There is a fascinating story about Ó Muilleoir. He took a dislike to Newt Emerson and decided to informed Newt’s employers that Newt was posting to an internet site from work. Newt lost his job.

    Des anyone know if this is true?

  • slug

    “There is a fascinating story about Ó Muilleoir. He took a dislike to Newt Emerson and decided to informed Newt’s employers that Newt was posting to an internet site from work. Newt lost his job. ”

    PS this is a story which makes me reluctant to post on Ó Muilleoir’s blog!!!!!

  • fair_deal


    Don’t know if O’Muilleoir was personally responsible but ATN group did do so

  • Stephen Copeland


    Des anyone know if this is true?

    Wrong guy.

    It was Robin Livingstone who (allegedly) tipped off NE’s employers to his blatant abuse of their time and computers.

  • conor

    It was robin livingstone, aka squinter, who told Newton Emerson’s employers that he was running a website during workhours. Seems to have worked out better for newt than squinter! Still makes u think if hed tell you were doing the ‘double’ if he took a dislike to you. Principles and all!

  • slug

    “It was Robin Livingstone who (allegedly) tipped off NE’s employers to his blatant abuse of their time and computers.

    Posted by Stephen Copeland on Jul 06, 2006 @ 10:41 AM”

    Thank you.

  • Keith

    “if he can do it, anyone can” premise I think I’ll start my own blog.

    You should “the more the merrier”

    Blogger is an easy place to start.Even I can do it and mines sh1t 🙂

  • It’s always good to have new people coming onboard in the blogosphere. The allegations by Fiona about censorship (à la British and Irish governments circa late 1980s) are quite disheartening though. Bloggers have to take the rough with the smooth- one shouldn’t delete/ reject comments simply on the basis of them opposing one’s view (or in this case offering some help!) Otherwise there’s no point in allowing comments at all, unless the blogger is intent on simply using it as an ego-machine in which only complimentary views are given screenroom.

    Despite this, I’ll say ádh mór ort, as I would to any new blogger.

    On a separate issue, I’ve identified a possible link-up between DI and Sinn Féin in terms of a free party newspaper being distributed around homes in Newry by the latter which bears an uncanny resemblance to DI and carries advertisements for DI. I highlighted it a while back ( http://elblogador.blogspot.com/2006/05/proof-of-daily-ireland-sinn-fin-link.html ), and since then another issue of the paper has been distributed by SF, complete with a full-page ad for Daily Ireland, a letter from an tUasal Ó Muilleoir condemning the British Government’s refusal to advertise with DI, and an application form to pay for subscription to Daily Ireland.

  • Yokel

    6 July…

    Yet another bad business decision, our profit and loss aint looking too good at the moment..blame the Brits

    7 July

    We arent getting enough advertising from local carpet shops..blame the Brits

    8 July

    Our Competition to win a CD of great Republican Anthems had a great reponse but checking them all is a pain in the arse…its only one entry per household, who the hell taught these people to do things in multiples? Blame the Brits

    9 July

    Missed a meeting due to Westlink work…Brit conspiracy

  • ceasefire soldiers is us

    That fellah Emerson was unheard of before the ATN got him sacked, running an amusing website for a laugh. Now he’s one of the most prolific commentators in Ireland working for UTV, BBC Province, RTE, ‘national’ BBC, Irish Times, Irish News and the Mirror. Another outstanding victory!
    Remember when DI had to scrap its Saturday edition and proclaimed it a breakthrough?!
    Another triumph! Tactical masterminds, I’m sure.
    And now the hand is out for more Brit money. Im amazed they haven’t been given it as they’re such strong backers of Tony’s favourite ‘republicans’.

  • El Matador

    “ádh mór ort”?

    as Slugger hasn’t a way to translate Irish to English on this site, I presume that phrase is Irish, would you mind translating?

    Also, it’s good to see commenters on here with links to their own blogs!

  • Emily

    “ádh mór ort” = good luck

  • Thanks Emily, now what’s the correct pronounciation.It was reported in my local paper in March that there was Irish Language classes in the Orange Hall, when I see that again I might go 😉

  • Emily

    I’m positively terrible at pronounciation. From what I know, it would be along the lines of “awg moe urth,” but don’t say that out loud until a native or more proficient speaker either confirms or corrects that!

  • Stephen Copeland

    ádh mór ort would be pronounced (unscientifically speaking) as ‘aww moor ort’, or if you want to be ulsterish about it, the pronunciation might be ‘aah moor ort’ – I don’t really know Ulster Irish pronunciation, having learned mainly the Conemara dialect and pronunciation.

  • Emily & Stephen Thnx 🙂

    I’m wondering will the headlines in Daily Ireland tomorrow be…

    Slugger O’Toole – where members of the Unionist community learn Irish

    The last phrase I remember sounded a bit like
    “Chuckie Our La” as shouted by one of the North’s best painters when visiting a gathering beside a motorway, outside Belfast, many years ago.The days before we all could be civil to each other.



    I have decided to put this theory that anyone can do a blog to the test.
    I have in this last hour, just set up my own Blog, complete with first entry.
    Hurry on over to Liquorice-Bomb, you even get to see my ugly mug.


  • páid

    Point proven.

    And you’re not THAT ugly 🙂

  • TAFKABO: Well even if you are ugly, at least you are honest. Some of your fonts are pretty though.

    As regards Fiona’s posts: it does seem churlish to omit helping posts though he did include some criticisms. I don’t really think the blog is worth readiong though or DI worth buying. It is ok to check it through Nuzhound but to actually go out and buy or steal it seems pointless.

    Also, on such a small budget how would they cover Gaelic games properly let alone soccer type stuff? Sports sections are high maintenance and generate little ads but important parts of a package. I doubt they would get many ads from business a la Sunday Busienss Post to make up for it.

    The Stickies in their pre SFWP days had a good and lucrative throwaway paper, sold through pubs where donations were put into a box. I think something like that, a revamped Republican News, would suit them better. It is hard to see a future for the Andytown News either.

    De paper, the Cork Examiner, went national recently. Niche markets are too small and the West Belfast Feile etc are going after the same piece of the pie.

  • Stephen Copeland


    Nice work.

    Only problem is that I couldn’t tell you that on your blog, as it doesn’t accept ‘anonymous’ posts – I had to come back here to do that.

  • Chris Donnelly

    It is hard to see a future for the Andytown News either.


    Surely you’re joking? Whatever about the challenges being faced by Daily Ireland as it struggles to establish itself on a National scene, the same can’t be said of the Andersonstown News. The paper is firmly established as a successful local paper, serving west Belfast natives residing there and beyond.



    Thank you for the kind words.
    I shall try and change the settings to allow anonymous comments.
    I’ve got an idea for a little bit about Anne Coulter that I want to do later on today.

    Yes I know, easy target an all that, but hey, It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to

  • wag

    Since the launch of Daily Ireland, Chris, sales of the Andersonstown News have dropped considerably.

  • Chris Donnelly

    That may be so, Wag, but a drop in sales is one thing; claiming the paper has no future is another, as I’m sure you’ll agree.