Identity cover up

While it is ok for government to want an Identity Card that will contain 51 categories of data on every adult in the UK, the Department of Works and Pensions thinks it is unacceptable for it to hand over three government reports into the costs and benefits of the identity card scheme. The Information Commissioner has ordered DWP to comply with a Freedom of Information request by Lib Dem Mark Oaten but they are appealing, a process that will take some months.

  • SlugFest

    Fair Deal,

    Where can i find a list of the 51 categories?

  • fair_deal
  • SlugFest

    Thanks, Fair Deal!

  • No2ID_Belfast

    Very frightening indeed… and it isn’t just 51 categories. A lot of the wording is rather wooly, such as 2(d)…other biometric information. What does this mean, iris scans, DNA samples, what? We won’t know until the scheme is put in place. And then there is the last item, basically a who, when, and why your ID details were accessed, providing a convenient cross-reference for all sorts of databases. And some people actually put the data collection for the ID cards to begin as soon as October this year for passport renewals, hence the Renew for Freedom campaign. As far as the costs go, it’s no surprise the government will try to keep it a secret; they don’t want to disclose (a) the costs to the public (currently estimated at £19bn and counting), and (b) the potential profits for the private businesses that will eventually run the scheme.

  • bill

    If it anything like the other IT projects then …..

  • Gum

    Whoever is going to make these cards will make a fortune. (What are the odds on Prescott already having had dinner with them?!) A campaign of civil disobedience is needed against these cards if they are indeed forced upon us.