Third time’s a charm?

Well, NASA will be hoping so. Despite the reports, here and here, over the latest minor scare – you can watch Monday evening’s NASA press briefing here[RealPlayer video] or read the online report with a photo of the piece of foam insulation that caused the conern, and where it came from – The Space Shuttle Discovery is, once again, cleared for take-off.. usual provisos apply with the weather.. follow the launch online – 2.38pm local / 7.38pm here – at the launch blog, or via the NASA TV coverage here. Update Seems third time is a charm.. Discovery launch was on schedule. So far, so good.

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  • Canadian


    I wonder if the Astronaut’s think that the chunk that came of their spacecraft was too small to cause damage?


  • Pete Baker


    According to the NASA press briefing, linked above, the astronauts had a video link to the mission team meeting which discussed it and they had representatives at that meeting too.

    Hopefully they were reassured…

  • Greenflag

    The last four letters in American spell
    I can 🙂

    Thius is perhaps why Americans are celebrating their indepedence today whereas Canadians still have ‘Queenie’ on their pocket change and banknotes ?

  • Canadian

    “Canadians still have ‘Queenie’ on their pocket change and banknotes ?”

    Now only if our banknote’s were worth as much as the pound!!!!

    BTW the ‘Queenie’ is mostly on our coins now. Slowly but surely we’re pulling our self’s away.