Coming soon to a screen near you

Although Pete seems to cover a lot of the cultural news, I noted in the Sunday Times today that Ballymacarrett District Lodge has commissioned the filming of yesterday’s Somme parade. There was a significant decrease in police presence yesterday, according to sources, and it all passed off peacefully. However, there is still a way to go before all the local differences are resolved.

Flush from the success of a CD of local bands, the Ballymacarrett District Lodge hired five camera units to film yesterday’s Battle of the Somme parade in Belfast. According to Raymond Spiers, the district master, the result will be a boxed, two-disc DVD including interviews with Orange Order members that will be available in time for Christmas.

“It’s going to be very slick and professional,” Spiers promised. “I’m confident we’ll find a local and an international market. We’re also including a timeline of east Belfast industry, such as the construction of the Titanic. Some of the men who worked on that went off to fight at the Somme. That will broaden the DVD’s appeal.”