Coming soon to a screen near you

Although Pete seems to cover a lot of the cultural news, I noted in the Sunday Times today that Ballymacarrett District Lodge has commissioned the filming of yesterday’s Somme parade. There was a significant decrease in police presence yesterday, according to sources, and it all passed off peacefully. However, there is still a way to go before all the local differences are resolved.

Flush from the success of a CD of local bands, the Ballymacarrett District Lodge hired five camera units to film yesterday’s Battle of the Somme parade in Belfast. According to Raymond Spiers, the district master, the result will be a boxed, two-disc DVD including interviews with Orange Order members that will be available in time for Christmas.

“It’s going to be very slick and professional,” Spiers promised. “I’m confident we’ll find a local and an international market. We’re also including a timeline of east Belfast industry, such as the construction of the Titanic. Some of the men who worked on that went off to fight at the Somme. That will broaden the DVD’s appeal.”

  • frank

    Somme parade or UVF parade for County Down and County Antrim

  • headmelter

    no doubt it will be available at Nutts corner for £2.99 come september.

  • Rory

    Could we have the makings of another cinematic documentary blockbuster here in the tradition of Supersize Me and The Fog of War? Have the distributors leaked any exciting news of astronomical pre-booking figures from La Jolla, Detroit and Newark? Will it start a trend? Will Orange become the new Black?

    These are the questions that spring unwittingly in the mind upon reception of the news of this exciting new innovation in cinema history.

  • darth rumsfeld

    ..well the numbers of DVDs sold after every Twelfth for which the Orange gets not a penny shows there is a market for this, so fair play to Ballymacarrett for making some money. I know of one enterprising (RC) videomaker who has built the extension on his house with the profits! Don’t expect cinema verite, but if you want to see Uncle Willie John and the lads from the area then you’ll get value for money.

  • Darth: No need to add this to my Christmas stocking, thanks. Maybe just donate something to the Lwidows of those shot in Sean Graham’s instead. (you know, the ones your fellow Orangemen gave the fingers to)

  • Loyalist


    Presumably you are as forthright in your condemnation of Gerard Rice for his terroist past?

  • darth rumsfeld

    as you ought to know, the people who behaved in that fashion were rightly expelled from the Institution, and so are not my “fellow orangemen”. But of course if you did want to open your mind a bit (as if!) you could always buy a DVD and spend hours trying to find something to be offended by- the fact that the participants are breathing is probably enough to start you off.


    Let’s hope these two Liverpool Orangemen who were getting ready early for some 12th July fun are on the video.