Ulysses: a page a day…


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  • Crataegus

    No thanks. Lifes too short.

    It’s amazing what people spend their time reading.

  • jr

    happy reading

  • Mick Fealty

    I was nervously eyeing up the page a day version of Finnegan’s Wake. But it can wait a while longer.

  • Keith M

    Crataegus “Lifes too short.” Never has a truer word been spoken,Ulysses is the written equivilent of stuffing mushrooms.

  • Joe

    “I don’t understand this – it must be stupid.”

  • Rory

    What an absolutely great idea! Now I can reread it to a fixed short daily programme. I probably wouldn’t get round to it otherwise and my limited activity means that the only thing I’m likely to get a long spell in chokey (thus ensuring quality reading time) for nowadays is simply being myself. Which, I suppose, some might consider crime enough.

  • Crataegus

    Keith M

    Brings back memories of school; they really knew how to abuse in those days.

  • Rory

    Oh, go on Crataegus, indulge yourself in the wild abandon of a bit of self=abuse. You never know it might even bring a smile to your face after a page or two.

  • irishinuk
  • Crataegus


    In a dark and cold part of the house I am just this minute setting up an old wooden bench that bites into the back of the legs and a dirty old sloping wooden worktop. All I need now is an ink pot and the smell of school meals. Ahh those were the days. Now get a copy of said book set it on worktop and, …..about time to watch football perhaps tomorrow or Monday, bit busy Monday, Tuesday of Wednesday then; meetings ohh dear.

  • My Dad always maintained that in the early sixties when Ulysses was legalised, it was more important to be seen with a copy, than actually read thing.

  • sorry missed out “THE”

  • Crataegus

    Better to be seen with Catch 22 and you can even read it!

  • Rory

    All I hear about me on this thread is the tattoo drumbeat of the philistines’ retreat into anti-intellectually snobbery. It is an ugly sound.