Everyday Orange…

This is from Moochin Photoman©, a particularly gifted regular on the Northern Ireland Flickr Group which feeds us the huge variety of views of Northern Ireland, has started a great new group called Everyday Orange.


  • Orange is the only word in the English language nothing rhymes with.
    Is Flickr addictive? What is its point? Has Photoman a secret desire ot get us all to wear Orange? Wasn’t there an Indian cult in America wqho liked to doll up in orange. Not a sober colour. For example, this site seems to randomly choose a Flickr photo. More often than not, I get Gerry Adams, which is not a pretty site in organge, green or any other colour.

  • Ranier

    ‘What is its point?’
    Cant agree more.
    Proof the internet promotes meaningless Tat.

    Gerry Adams is no pretty boy floyd, but Ian Paisley is probably the only man on the planet who could appear on Spitting Image in the flesh and still look like an ugly rubber caricature.

  • Rory

    “What is the point?” ?

    More to the point, I believe, is asking “What is the point?” of asking “What is the point?” of artistic expression. “Bloody pointless !”, I would point out. The point is (are you sure you’re ready for this?) to simply enjoy it.

    Do you take my point?

  • Ranier

    Dunno, sounds pretty pointless to me.

  • frank
  • “Orange is the only word in the English language nothing rhymes with.”

    What rhymes with ‘silver’ then?

  • frank

    “What rhymes with ‘silver’ then?”


  • Moochin photoman

    The point……well mebbe if we all got out a bit more and did a little less navel gazing and casting up the call from the crowds would be………. ............erm........ok then

    It should also be noted that i expect to get traditional views(of NI) but as the admin of the group i’m not censoring any of the images there is a world wide contribution to this group and it is welcomed

  • Brenda

    Hmmm… What is the point of it all? Artistic expression.

    I once saw a load of bread rotting in a window turning mouldy in inner city Dublin. They called it artistic expression. it looked gross to me.

    An unmade bed won a very widely renowned artistic competition in London not so long ago. Artistic expression? A few years later it was an old shed. (roll eyes) Maybe it is artistic expression but I just don’t ‘get it’.

    I like the flickr site, and pics of norn iron, BUT everybody in orange? even laurel and hardy?

    maybe its only ‘another fine mess’,
    whatever orange is too hard on the eyes to be anything else but uuuugly!!

  • Moochin photoman

    Orange is many things……eye catching is one, like it or not it is a vibrant colour and is around us in many different guises.
    I’m just havin a bit o fun is all.
    That said there is an underlying message there…….look AND see for yourselves

  • Mick Fealty

    “look AND see for yourselves”

    When we finally get round to selling Slugger teeshirts, I want to use this one.