Football fan challenges IFA Sunday ban…

A BELFAST man who couldn’t hold a six-a-side football game on a Sunday under the auspices of the never-on-a-Sunday Irish Football Association is taking a case against the IFA. My prediction is that he will win – maybe even before FIFA tells IFA to get with the programme or get lost.

  • willis

    Surely the answer is a six-a-side game between the best sunday observers in Irish football and the best of the rest.

  • John

    A football chant from the supporters of Sunday football directed at the Sunday Observers –

    “You only sing when your praying
    sing when your praying
    You only sing when your praying”

  • I don’t know whether the IFA will lose this specific case or not, but eventually the rule will be successfully challenged if they don’t change it first.

    The dinosaurs who voted against changing the rules should be made to pay damages and legal fees out of their own pocket instead of taking the money from the IFA pot which is there to promote grass-roots development among other things.

  • dave

    No one goes to watch irish league football on a saturday, so the sunday issue is irrelevant.

  • Realist

    As I don’t support the republican struggle, could I take a case to the Equality Commission on the basis that another sporting organisation discriminates against my political beliefs?…D=13938&p=n

    The “never on a Sunday” rule (broken only last month by the IFA when the international team played a fixture in the US on a Sunday) must be binned.

    If it takes the equality Commission to give the IFA a helping hand to see it go, so be it.

  • NedKelly

    Here, Realist, go and get a life. It’s played all over the world on every Sunday. Just stay in the house on a Sunday and you won’t see it. (honestly, these people who have to make a point of going down to watch a match on a Sunday just to be offended, whatever next?)

  • Realist

    Sorry NedKelly…what are you on about?

    Did you not read my post?

    I am strongly in favour of removing the archaic ban on Sunday football here.

  • GavBelfast

    THe ban is ridiculous and should be binned, but I’m not sure how it amounts to discrimination on the claimant’s religious beliefs.

    Surely that would only be the case if someone was being forced TO play on a Sunday (or any other time).

    The ban applies to everyone – not just this man.

    Still, if it helps get rid ….