Trouble brewing in Derry?

Following sectarian attacks by loyalists in the Bishop Street-Fountain interface, the PSNI has taken the decision to close gates separating the two communities in the flashpoint area each evening. A catholic family in the Waterside were forced to flee their home this week after an attack on a teenage girl by loyalists, while the BBC are reporting that a bus carrying Apprentice Boys and a loyalist band was attacked today by nationalist youths.
Whilst Belfast has been relatively quiet this Summer- to date, these incidents appear to suggest Derry may give more cause for concern this year. Perhaps some of our Derry readers could provide some thoughts…

  • English

    Loyalists starting troble in Derry again, waht’s new?

  • fair_deal

    Sadly there is nothing new in any of this. Patterns of low-level sectarian attacks never cease just occasionally the press takes an interest.

  • Yer Woman

    This a real shame. Derry, for the last wein ‘o’ years at least, has set the example in terms of how both sides should behave come marching season. It seems to me that a few unemployed degenerates are looking to start up trouble to relieve their boredom, and as per usual innocent people get it in the neck.

    Why can’t these idiots get jobs and occupy their time in a more resourceful manner? Oh, that’s right – there ARE no jobs in Derry.

  • Harry

    Derry was not noted for sectarianism throughout the troubles. There were only 2 interfaces – the Fountain/Bishop Street area and Gobnascale/Irish street – and there was rarely much trouble along them, bar the massacre in the pub at the Top O’ The Hill. This new sectarianism seems to be a novel and growing phenomenon in Derry. What’s its root do you think?

  • Brenda

    It would be a great pity if sectarianism took hold in derry, I always find it a friendly place to visit, very down to earth people.

  • friendlyCreggan

    These would normally be seen as isolated incidents in Derry BUT because they have happened all at once it appears more serious, without taking away from how serious it is if you know what I mean?

    Derry has been at the forefront in negotiations over marches, interface violence etc so as someone else has said it would be a real shame if we were to take a backward step now but I don’t think that that will happen.

    There was a Fountain rep and a SF rep live on the radio here the other morning discussing all of this and I know for a fact that people have organised ‘marshalls’ and ‘stewards’ in the Bishop St area in order to reduce this activity so I think that whilst we see the occasional incident (usually by some wee hood ‘from both sides’ who has NO political bias or thought) it’ll never get as bad as elsewhere

  • Yokel


    IF it took hold? It’s always been there just because it doesnt spill over into violence. The attitudes are entrenched.

  • anhtony boyle

    is it possable to taste peace when i go uo to belfast this week for a pint and to meet my friends i shall always have one drink for the lost souls i will toast a drink and pray peace will hold out forever.all the best.anto