How the ‘others’ get squeezed…

Hot Press has some interesting political content in its latest print edition. One segment, republished here with permission of its author Eamon McCann, touches on the non status of non Catholic, non Protestant applicants to the Parades Commission:By Eamon McCann

The attitude of the NIO to the role of religion in the North is clear from the treatment of applicants who identified themselves as neither Protestant nor Catholic.

Of the 94 original applicants for the six places on the Commission, 42 declared themselves Protestant, 29 said they were Catholics and 23 said they were neither.

Of the 24 invited for interview, 15 were Protestant, five Catholic and four neither.

The 17 assessed as appointable included 11 Protestants (64 percent), three Catholics (18 percent) and three Others (18 percent.)

Of the six appointed, four were Protestants, two were Catholics, none were Other.

Three of the 11 Protestants in the 17 were associated with the Orange Order. All were among the four Protestants chosen by Hain.

Hain maintains that he behaved properly and lawfully throughout and chose commissioners solely on merit to achieve a body representative of the people of Northern Ireland as a whole.

Somebody out there believes him.