Blogging on Faul…

The last I’ll mention Denis Faul is a quick blog round up. Beano has some interesting comments from a Unionist perspective on Denis Faul. Also Magic Stats. Saoirse32has the Bel Tel obit from David McKittrick. Other blog pieces from James O’Fee, El Blogador, Free Stater, short pieces from David Vance, Jim Tucker, Donal Kennedy, Martin Kelly, Marcella.

  • Glen Taisie

    The death of human rights activist Fr Dennis Faul didn’t feature on the BALROG blog.

  • Still, he remains very popular now that he is dead. Should have taken better care of himself, like the Good Book says.

  • As I mentioned in my own post, I hadn’t really heard of the guy before, but it’s hard to argue with the general consensus that his kind are in all too short supply here. I can’t say much more beyond that I think I would have liked to meet him.