We’re not alone…….

The lead article in the Sunday Times surprised me a little. While I would be aware that intolerance is not confined to our fair quasi-province, I didnt really expect such an ugly manifestation in Scotland.

A seven-year-old boy wearing an England football strip is attacked by a jogger. A disabled man, also wearing his team’s colours, is dragged from his car and beaten. Appalling examples of anti-English prejudice? Absolutely. Proof that Scotland as a nation is guilty of endemic racism against the English? Absolutely not. Last week’s violence must not be dismissed lightly, yet some perspective is urgently required. Attempts by noisy commentators to portray Scotland as violently anti-English are a travesty of reality.

I think that there is a whole new debate that needs to be started once more on identity, not just the positive, warm furry bits, but the ugly, naked, hatred bits that are implied with this type of oppositional identity with which we are depressingly familiar.

PS. While Miss Fitz is not exactly competitive, (it’s her arthritis) this article should put me on the top of the Guest Blogger List. Not that I was looking or anything!