Racism growing in Northern Ireland

Racism is only really getting started in Northern Ireland. Sammy Wilson has just decried an attack on a Polish national in Carrickfergus, whilst Daily Ireland announces that Dungannon and South Tyrone is the racist capital of Northern Ireland.

  • PaddyReilly

    Wrong as far as I can see: there doesn’t appear to be any racism in NI.

    For starters, Poles, Lithuanians and Portuguese are the same race as us.

    Secondly the line about this happening predominantly in loyalist areas really gives the game away: this is not racism but the more tried and tested politico-religious hatred, to which everything is Ulster is reduced.

    While Poles, Portuguese and Lithuanians are probably totally indifferent to Irish political conditions, it’s probably a little optimistic to imagine that they ever could be incorporated into the Unionist Body Politic, in the way that some Jews have been. So their presence, which in the short term is neutral, in the long term represents another nail in the coffin of Unionist majority rule, which is why they are attacked, and not out of any supposed racial myopia.

  • Gum

    I doubt it Paddy – I wouldn’t credit the morons who carry out such attacks and yell such taunts with that musch political foresight.

  • Pete Baker

    I’m a bit wary of singling out one aspect of violent crime in a headline..

    Especially when, as this report indicates there has been an increase in reported crime across several categories.

  • slug

    “there doesn’t appear to be any racism in NI”


  • Occasional Commentator

    I think PaddyReilly was trying to say that this particular story is not evidence of racism. Attacks on Chinese are definitely racist (unless it’s a Caucasian who considers him/herself Chinese), attacks on Poles, Lithuanians and Portuguese cannot be racist (unless of course they are non-Caucasian Poles Lithuanians or Portuguese). (I’m assuming that the attacks are being carried out by whites or Caucasians or whatever it is that most of us in NI are.)

  • slug

    He said there was no racism in NI.


  • blandy

    Dungannon & South Tyrone – Predominantly Loyalist????????

  • PaddyReilly

    I think the reporter meant that these attacks took place in Loyalist areas of Dungannon and South Tyrone. Which do exist.

  • Crataegus

    Why why why? And how do you start to address this?

    This is simply is not acceptable beheavour, so how do we show solidarity? How do we isolate those responsible?

  • simon

    There seems to have been some coordination in the attacks on foreign nationals over the weekend.

    Is it just a coincidace that the uda are the dominant force in the Seymour Hill & Carrickfergus & Cloughy areas.

  • DMC

    Remind me, what is Andre Shoukri’s ancestry?

  • Moochin photoman


    Dont tell me some of your best friends…..

  • gg

    Xenophobia, racism, homophobia… In a society where so many are so conditioned into despising and fearing the “other”, is it any surprise these things happen? Hopefully, if sectarianism is reduced, the rest will decrease as well.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Wrong as far as I can see: there doesn’t appear to be any racism in NI.

    It depends on how you define it. I once got a definition from someone on the left of politics about ‘race’ encapsulating ‘ethnicity’ under some UN charter or other (IIRC).

    I’m not sure I bought it either…

    Anyway, it’s not just unionists. Even the Shinners are up to it – spotted this earlier in the Dublin Evening Herald:


    THREE Sinn Fein activists pre-planned a race hate ambush of foreign workers.

    The men, who are key Sinn Fein election workers, were jailed for an orgy of violence against a group of non-national workers.

    The vicious thugs also attacked gardai, leaving one officer seriously injured.

    A court heard how the three party workers waded into a group of about 20 foreign nationals while shouting racial abuse and screaming republican slogans.

    David Smith, Neville Murray and Declan Gannon were all imprisoned for their part in the brutal assaults.

    The court heard how the Sinn Fein men went on a premeditated drink-fuelled attack in Ballinamore, Co Leitrim.

    They had planned their attack on the group of Russian builders outside a local hotel on Halloween night last.

    Garda Joe McGivern and a colleague were then attacked as he tried to stop the violence. He and other officers were goaded by the thugs who continued to taunt them with republican chants, and threatened to shoot them in the incident.

    Judge Sean McBride heard the evidence of Garda Joe McGivern, who had his wrist broken in the brutal attack.

    Another member of the force, Garda Timmy Winters, was also assaulted.

    Garda McGivern described how there had been trouble outside a hotel on the night which was quelled twice but then erupted into mayhem when the three accused arrived in a black Audi car and tried to take on a crowd of Eastern European men.

    ‘‘Declan Gannon tore off his shirt and ran at the crowd, David Smith was lashing out and Neville Murray was swinging and striking foreign nationals with a hurley,’’ said the garda’s statement, as read by Inspector John O’Reilly.

    So hyped-up were the trio on the night of violence that at one stage Gannon put his fist through the back window of Murray’s car.

    When Garda McGivern tried to intervene Neville Murray hit him full force on the wrist with the hurley, causing it to fracture.

    The garda was then hit on the back of the head with the hurley by David Smith, after the rioter had shouted: ‘‘Stay back you b*****d or I’ll take the f***ing head off you.”

    Garda McGivern’s vision blurred after the attack and the voices of the crowd became distorted. His injuries meant he was out of work for nearly six months. Today he has still not fully recovered and may face surgery.

    Further evidence was heard at Ballinamore District Court that Declan Gan-non shouted the words ‘‘foreign bastards’’ at the crowd, and that there were threats that they would be shot, and that if the gardai got in the way they would be shot also.

    When called to the stand, Declan Gannon (24), of Kilkeen, Ballinamore, admitted his participation in the attack and conceded that it was a planned event.

    ‘‘It was a stupid thing, a spur of the moment thing,’’ he said, apologising to the gardai involved.

    David Smith (25), from Drumdarton, Ballinamore, admitted hitting Garda McGivern over the head with the hurley.

    Neville Murray (25) of Kiltybarden, Ballinamore, admitted he was the instigator of the violence, and was indiscriminate in who and where he hit the hurley.

    ‘‘I am ashamed of myself,’’ he told the court. All three pleaded guilty to the offences. All three were charged with violent disorder, while Smith and Gan-non were also charged with two counts of assaulting a garda.

    Before passing sentence, Judge McBride said that the case was the worst one of public disorder he had ever heard. ‘‘It was a miracle garda McGivern wasn’t murdered. Reckless use of a hurley demands certain penalties,’’ he said.

    Neville Murray was sentenced to a total of 15 months in Castlerea Prison. ‘‘You used a hurley as a weapon of war. I must protect society from the likes of you,’’ said Judge McBride.

    Declan Gannon was sentenced to nine months in prison. ‘‘You had a lesser role but you were up to your tonsils involved in trouble,’’ the judge told him.

    David Smith received a total of 15 months in prison.

    The three have appealed their sentence and were released on bail.

  • PaddyReilly

    Given that we now have offenses of racially aggravated assault etc, there is going to have to be a lot of debate over what this “racism” word actually means.

    For example, if a local (wasp) thug beats up a Chinese Restauranteur for no apparent reason, should he receive a lesser sentence if he then proceeds to do exactly the same thing to the (wasp) baker next door? Perhaps his violence is merely violence, and uncomplicated by any ideology of racial separatism.

    Equally, if people in Scotland beat up someone with an England football shirt, is this racism, or is it better termed small-mindedness or xenophobia, or really aggravated soccer hooliganism?

    Suppose I blind someone for being a ManU supporter, is this less serious than kicking someone in the butt for being Ethiopian?

    The point I was making is that when you have a system of political/religious hatred already in force, racism can’t really operate efficiently. You have to find out whether someone is a Catholic Pakistani or a Protestant Pakistani before you can lay into them with a good conscience.

  • ‘‘You had a lesser role but you were up to your tonsils involved in trouble,’’

    Don’t you love these culchie judges ? LoL

  • stan

    The proposal to build a mosque outside Portadown a few years back springs to mind when thinking about racist attitudes.

    One councillor claimed that the development could pave the way for an al-Qaeda terrorist cell in the area. Fred Crowe, an Ulster Unionist councillor and former Mayor for the Craigavon area, said that residents in Bleary believed that their way of life would be threatened if the mosque were built. Mr Crowe said that encouraging Muslims to settle in Craigavon might open the door for militants.

    Woolsey Smith, who represents Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party, said: “They say it’s not going to be an eastern-type mosque and there’ll not be the wailing noise calling these people to worship but we don’t know about that. I would be worried for residents in the area as to just what they will be confronted with.”

    Like other Unionist councillors, Mr Smith claims the mosque, proposed for a boggy field three miles outside Portadown, will cause sewage problems and heavy traffic on the country road leading to it, even though Muslims say that their community is at most 200-strong in Craigavon.

  • PaddyReilly

    I take note of the attack mentioned by Belfast Gonzo.

    Though I did not assert that this sort of thing was exclusively Unionist (the report blamed loyalists, but this was of course in the Daily Ireland) and I have heard of Philipinos having a hard time from their native born coreligionists, I should point out that the topic of this thread is racism in Northern Ireland, which Co Leitrim is not.

  • gg


    “The point I was making is that when you have a system of political/religious hatred already in force, racism can’t really operate efficiently. You have to find out whether someone is a Catholic Pakistani or a Protestant Pakistani before you can lay into them with a good conscience.”

    I don’t think this is the case. NI society has created the situation where any “other” can more easily become a target. The homogenity of working class areas, created by segregation, exacerbates the problem. It makes the difference between the “natives” and the immigrant population seem much more marked.

  • I don´t like pc´s

    While I will agree with anyone that the persecution and intimidation of people simply beacause of race is wrong….there is a rather panaramic view of what constitutes a racist.

    Race crime exists more in Loyalist areas because the grater percentage of immigrants choose to live there or are indeed placed there. Because you are a Protestant dosn´t make you less or more racist than a Catholic.

    Personally I would like to see less immigration in Northern Ireland, this would mean lobbying the British govt. to pressure the EU to stop handing out EU membership to East European states, it has really opened the floodgates. At the moment crime has gone up, new sophisticated gangs from Eastern Europe are running protection, drugs and prostitution rackets. I mean we have barely got rid of one Mafia, do we need another.

    I have also encountered many people living here illegally from Nigeria and Kenya, some of whom have travelled up from the South after being threatened with deportation. What is also rife is convenience marraiges in order to obtain a British passport. I recently came across one such person who has his own programme on a Cable TV access channel in Belfast. The very same person also joked how he was now suing his “convenience” ex wife for half of her house. We are being taken advantage off and laughed at.

    Anyone who despises someone for their origin or colour is irrational and ignorant and can certainly be described as a racist. Now there are those reading this post who will think that I am a racist, if I told them I am mixed African/european origin and born Muslim, am I still a racist?

  • Rory

    Racism on the increase? Seems like the only area og growth in the area. A product of private enterprise no doubt.

    P.s. Surely it can’t be illegal to thump a Man U supporter. Isn’t that an act of civic duty?

  • The Devil

    When will these Black Bastards stop attacking these other Black Bastards and getting us the name of bigots.

  • Pete Baker

    Mr Satan

    You’ve made your point… such as it is..

  • tom

    how many other nationalitys now live in the village my polish girlfriend was removed as were others