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I noted Mick’s earlier entry with great interest. While I cannot compete in the incompetence stakes, I know someone who came across a couple of interesting posters at a band parade in Ballynahinch this evening. Thought y’all might find them interesting.

  • paul

    Its unfortunate that those attending a loyalist band parade in East belfast this evening were not on their best behavior.

    Several Nationalist homes on the Albertbridge Road/Mountpottinger Road interface were attacked by loyalist mobs returning home from the parade.

    No injuries but families scarerd shitless by the attack.

    Windows broken and kids forced to spend the night with relatives.

    Life on the front line.

    Who cares ????

  • Miss Fitz

    What time Paul? I was there until 9.20 with a friend, so interested to hear the story

  • dave

    Nothing in the papers or radio/television is this an unreported incident? more details please.

  • willis


    Did any of this really happen?