Do you recognize this woman?

This is a bit unusual, but none the less.. read on if you’re from, or have any connection with, Ballymena.

Over on AskMetafilter (a site where people can ask for help with anything they like), someone posted the following question..

We dropped a photo on the floor, and the frame broke. Out fell two pictures: the one we knew about, and this one which was behind the original: The photos we knew about was of a relative. The second photo is of a woman unknown to us or our immediate relatives, but who has somewhat of a family resemblance.

We know the photo was taken in Ballymena by Young Photographers. How can we find out who it is?

So, it struck me that someone here might know. Well, you never know..You have to be a member to post on the other site – so if you have any ideas, leave them here. I’ll put a post on the other page directing the person to Slugger.

  • Harry

    It’s yer woman whatsername, who used to work down in thingymajigs place with yer man.

    What was his name again, Aloysius or Humphrey or something. Herself was always going on about horses and galoshes. Oddball.

  • Harry Flashman

    No Harry, you’re thinking of oul’ wosserface, the one that lived down the back of thon street and worked for themmuns’ as had the place up there, you know, she married that oul’ fella that was like his da, remember?

    Jeezus I’m beginning to sound like me ma!

  • martin

    I think its either Martin Mc Guinness undercover agent, code name bie bertha, or Peter Hain as Welsh secretary

  • Miss Fitz

    The sad thing is we may never find out. We are all but fleeting moments of time and space.

  • Rory

    I do enjoy the odd floating moment myself, Miss Fitz. A nice toke and a glass of stout works very nicely for me. As of course does the very sight and fragrance of Herself in all her finery.*

    *Trying to get back in the good books after the fiasco with the jelly and the wooden spoon.

  • Rory

    Oh, sorry – “Floating”. Lord, I’ve done it again. I’ll get me coat.

  • martin

    Iwas in space Ms Fitz, but Iam never gonna smoke that stuff again x

  • Aaron_Scullion

    (miss fitz excepted) – could we keep it to helpful suggestions please?

  • martin

    why is Aaron interseted in this lady, does she owe him money or perhaps she gilted him in bygone days and he is out for revenge ,by stealing her zimmer frame

  • Alan

    A mistress, a mother, a misremembered daughter, your stray son, or their fay father?

    The brain will pay anything for a good story.

  • Miss Fitz The sad thing is we may never find out. We are all but fleeting moments of time and space.
    Not any longer. We are all now virtual flies, caught on the web for posterity, there to spend our respective eternities being coiled and uncoiled, rolled out and in, until nothing remains unknown and unseen about us, just as the Good Book says (see “Dr” Ian about this). She will be eventually unmasked (assuming we are not looking at a Ballymena transvestite) and all her trivia will be revealed. Stay tuned.

  • Miss Fitz

    I assume you are talking about the mystery lady being ‘unmasked and her trivia being revealed’, and not my good self?
    And I had never actually thought about that legacy for posterity that the net inevitably has become. Imagine, my grandchildren will be able to read my blog entries when I am long dead and gone……

  • GurnyGub

    Try the local W.I.

  • Miss Fitz: This is not the place to threaten your grandchildren. Consider the net as the ocnfluence of heaven, hell and earth. You have been born to everlasting life, virtually.

  • George

    It’s Mummsie al Ballymazzi, the new leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

  • Nevin

    Miss Fitz, you may well outlive your blog entries …

  • Crataegus


    Imagine, my grandchildren will be able to read my blog entries when I am long dead and gone……

    Sobering thought and most of us are going to look rather bizarre when viewed 200 years from now.

  • martin

    Ms Fitz when your dead and gone , the term stake through the heart springs to mind here

  • Miss Fitz

    Jeez Martin, I’m touched. First I was queen of the internet, now bestowed with vampirical qualities.

    Queen of the Vamps?

  • martin

    well have ye looked in a mirror recently ,only messing Ms Fitz keep her lit your are doing a great job , a fan

  • Miss Fitz

    Ach cheers Martin, I appreciate that!

  • martin

    anyway I still think yer weeman luks like the bould petra hain ya know her she is a secretary in wales (part time) I think she may also be a fish wife in Hillsborough.

  • woof mcdog

    Ive seen this lass on presbyterian dumplings dot com. You should see what she can do with an aubergene!

  • Draoi

    I’ve often thought we should pulled the string on all our attachment when we unburden this earthly coil. The bad will be banned to the ethereal, and the good will have been their own reward.