Do you recognize this woman?

This is a bit unusual, but none the less.. read on if you’re from, or have any connection with, Ballymena.

Over on AskMetafilter (a site where people can ask for help with anything they like), someone posted the following question..

We dropped a photo on the floor, and the frame broke. Out fell two pictures: the one we knew about, and this one which was behind the original: The photos we knew about was of a relative. The second photo is of a woman unknown to us or our immediate relatives, but who has somewhat of a family resemblance.

We know the photo was taken in Ballymena by Young Photographers. How can we find out who it is?

So, it struck me that someone here might know. Well, you never know..You have to be a member to post on the other site – so if you have any ideas, leave them here. I’ll put a post on the other page directing the person to Slugger.