Parades Commission statement on Whiterock…

It looks like the Parades Commission are not pleased with the noises off in the media of late. Indeed one of the lines it uses is remarkably similar to some of Jim Gibney’s piece and Alex Maskey on Hearts and Minds last night. Full text below the fold:

23rd June 2006. A spokesperson from the Parades Commission said, “It is with some frustration that we have listened to political representatives publicly deny that meaningful dialogue has taken place between Springfield Residents Action Group (‘SRAG’) and the North & West Belfast Parades and Cultural Forum (‘The Forum’). It is unhelpful for people who have not been involved in these processes to make adverse public comment on them.

“The Parades Commission is completely clear on this issue. The dialogue that has taken place to date has been genuine, worthwhile and courageous. While we regret the fact that the dialogue process did not have time to reach a full and positive conclusion, we are confident that this dialogue will recommence as soon as possible and we are hopeful that this may be one of the last occasions when the Parades Commission will be required to issue a determination in relation to this particular parade.

“Today’s proceedings in the High Court have confirmed the genuine nature of the dialogue process and we continue to encourage all those involved to redouble their efforts over the coming weeks and months to find a long term and mutually agreeable solution to parading issues in this community.”