More on suspension

The Irish News on Monday had some more detail on my fathers suspension from the Orange institution.

An internal critic of the Orange Order has said he is alarmed that an organisation “claiming to stand for civil and religious liberty” could suspend one of its most senior members.

The Rev Brian Kennaway was speaking after it emerged that Colin Shilliday has been punished for criticising two prominent Orange officers.

Belfast county grand master Dawson Bailey and grand master of the grand orange lodge of Ireland Robert Saulters were widely condemned for their reaction to rioting following the contentious Whiterock parade last September.

It is understood Mr Shilliday, a former Grand Lodge treasurer, has been given two one-year suspensions – the first for berating Dawson Bailie and the other for criticising Grand Lodge officers.

Mr Kennaway, an Orangeman who published a book in April which is highly critical of the institution, said a new paragraph was added to its ‘law 13’ in September 2000 allowing the grand master to suspend or expel any grand lodge member if the person had offended the institution as a whole.