A message from East Belfast ‘communicrats’?

Warning from East Belfast 'Communicrats'?The alternative to policing in East Belfast… The words read:

Muggins commited in E. Belfast

is totally unexceptable

Anyone caught will be severly dealt with.


  • fair_deal

    Thats an oldie mick (about two years old that graffitti)

  • George

    People in glasshouses Mick….

  • soapy

    oldie but but still a goodie. the same nitwit had written it somewhere else nearby with the exact same spelling but that was wiped.

    are we sure that our education standards are really that high?

    but this is patronising and snobbish… still, it’s yet more proof that ‘community’ representatives and thick idiots aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Rory

    Herself often refers to herself as “muggins here” as in “Don’t you think you can pull a fast one on muggins here”, when I try to nip off to the pub using the pretext of putting the cat out. And she’s never even been to East Belfast.

  • soapy

    oh yeah. meant to say mick, on this subject, you’re apostrophes are a disgrace. the apostrophe council of blogland will be knocking your e-door any day now.

  • Jacko

    It does prove the point about educational under achievement in loyalist areas. Also, that the people lording it over these areas are as thick as pig shit.

  • fair_deal

    They had got better for a while. A couple of times I saw young lads out one with spray can the other with the line/slogan spell checked by a computer and printed off (but even then grammar still went astray).

  • pacman

    I can remember one idit in the estate I grew up in making his mark for a UI by attempting to spray “PRODS OUT” but ended up spraying “PROUDS OUT” and in his haste made the U look like a V and the D look suspiciously like an O. Needelees to say he wasn’t popular with the local rebs……

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Can I just say that while the whole spelling issue is ‘definitely’ a ‘moot’ point for some bloggers, on Slugger it’s ‘definately’ a ‘mute’ point for others…!


  • pacman

    Sorry – in work and typing too fast. Nothing worse than chery-picking grammar and then failing miserably myself.

  • John

    The best one I can remember was after Drumcree 1. When Paisley and Trimble skipped hand-in-hand down the Garvaghy Road!! They minted ‘commemorative war medals’ and called them the ‘Seige Of Drumcree’. A true classic example of our selective education system!!!

  • Soapy-

    “oh yeah. meant to say mick, on this subject, you’re apostrophes are a disgrace.”

    Surely you meant to type ‘your’ rather than ‘you’re’. If you are going to criticise someone’s (mis)use of apostrophes, at least make sure that you have used them correctly yourself 😉

    (Oh, and your lack of capitalisation at the start of sentences and proper nouns leaves a lot to be desired :p)

  • Just remembered, I did a piece on this subject a few months back:


  • Carson’s Cat

    “Can I just say that while the whole spelling issue is ‘definitely’ a ‘moot’ point for some bloggers, on Slugger it’s ‘definately’ a ‘mute’ point for others…! “

    Perhaps you might wish to read this:

    Mute Point

  • Rory

    Lovely story, Pacman. One of those classics that we know must be true for nobody could make it up.

  • Rory

    A well desrved “miaow” from Carson’s cat there. He sure won’t stand mute when he spots an inconsistency.

  • Martin

    Some other favourites:

    on a memorial mural in Roden Street (I think): ‘Lest we forget them not’

    And painted in Newtownards years ago during the ‘Carson Trail’: ‘Don’t march – mobize’

  • nutjack

    can Slugger do something with the spacing of the text aligned with images?

    a quick tweak of the Stylesheet should do it, the text runs up to the border

  • Carson’s Cat

    I intend to point this out before someone else does. Gonzo is right – mute point is the incorrect usage of the word.

    I read it wrong the first time….

  • Stephen Copeland

    During the Hunger Strikes, in Dublin, there was a nice bit of graffitti in the north inner city. You need to read it in a nort-soide accent, mind you:

    Tatcher the murderer

    A purist would have spelt the ‘the’ as ‘de’, of course.

  • fair_deal

    A friend tells the story about how someone painted in his estate “Fuck all taigs in this estate”. This slogan either offended/inspired someone to put brush in hand but they did not paint over it all. However they simply painted over the third word leaving the accurate social comment (intentionally or unintentionally) that there was “Fuck all in this estate”

  • boshank

    a few years ago i was driving up the north coast and passed a barn with king billy on it and 1960…made me laugh

  • James D

    Doktormoog did a thing on this last year:


    Very funny.

  • soapy

    el matador,

    yeah, lol, i was kinda asking for that. had to happen. feck it. lol.

    i’m not much of a grammar freak, and sure capitals are so yesterday, but for some reason dodgy apostrophes get my proverbial goat by the proverbials.

    this may be due to the fact that i only worked out how to do them when i was about 27, and that i’m occasionally as anal as a colonic.

    ack well.

    what about the one in fermanagh some years back..
    “we will never accept an untidied ireland”

    quite right too.

  • Aidan

    Reminds me of the scene in The Life of Brian where the Roman soldier catches a graffiti artist and turns it into a Latin lesson 🙂

  • Ghost of PDN Past

    Alas. Irony is dead.

  • pith

    Ervine will be appalled. Imperiously. Contextually.

  • nah …. just pissed off.

  • Salmon Ella

    I remember back in the day there was brilliant grafitti in the Bogside which read.

    “Soilder Dolls Be Ware”

    Goes to prove that bad educational standards weren’t limited to Loyalist areas.

  • sum1

    Notable Belfast graffiti over the years:

    – at the Jordanstown bus stop round the corner from the QFT: “Stop the beatings, don’t let them…” followed by a dramatic streak of paint as if the writer had scarpered having been found mid-daub by those he was complaining about…

    – Falls Road, c. 1994, wall round the RVH (pedestrian entry for the Children’s Hospital) in that old style where the wall is a series of arches, someone had made an effort to write “Stop the beatings” in 6 foot high letters, one in each arch. Unfortunately, the effect was somewhat lost by the initial mis-spelling of “beatings” as “baitins”, and the resulting typo correction could have done with some Nitro-Mors as the overwriting made it fairly illegible.

    – lower Ravenhill, late 1994, shortly after the loyalist ceasefires. Someone had tried copying a comment debunking the Paisley as the modern day heir to Carson which was doing the rounds: “1912 – Clydevalley Carson. 1994 – Paisley – ‘Surrender Guns’ – some Carson.” Unfortunately, the copy which was nearest to Big Ian’s church rather puzzlingly read “Somme Carson”, a confusion the like of which I hadn’t experienced since some moron I went to school with tried to tell me that the Battle of the Somme was where King Billy had defeated the Catholic forces of King James…

    – dunno where it was, but there was that gable daubing which read “RUC beware – the IRA have had their Weetabix!”, an unusual mix of advertising, satire, terrorism, comedy and accurate grammar…

    – my personal favourite: “Neil Barrie eats pies” was on a wall in east Belfast for several years in the 1990s. Having finally been whitewashed, it reappeared on the blank canvas about a week later as “Neil Barrie STILL eats pies!” – always wondered if the allegation was in any way true…

    – possible urban myth, certainly hard to prove… the back shutter of Kearney’s Fuels on the lower Ormeau had “Manic Street Preachers” written in fairly neat script for about 12 years, only finally being removed (although almost worn away at that stage in any case) when the shop changed hands quite recently. It’s rumoured that Richie Edwards, the ex-member wot disappeared and may-or-may-not have committed suicide, daubed this himself after playing a gig in the city c. 1991.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    I remember in the 80s a bright spark in a republican area of Armagh wrote on a wall:

    Now, everyone knew who the artist in question was, and he had the piss taken mercilessly for several years. Eventually the graffiti was scrubbed off. A short time later, a new message appeared at the same spot – allegedly by the same guy, who was determined not to make the same mistake again. And so it appeared:


    Ah, the memories…

  • pith

    “Leadership that’s working”. That’s my favourite.

  • bigfrankcannon

    The best I’ve seen is the one at the back of Library Street

    “stop topless bathing..belfast has suffered enough”

  • Moochin photoman

    House Brackers Beware…….Tigers Bay about 6 or 7 years ago.

    One i was told of and never saw was from way back

    ” Free Pasty O’Hare”

  • Stephen Copeland

    “ Free Pasty O’Hare”

    Which reminds me of the early days of the campaign to get Nicky Kelly out of Portlaoise in the early 1980s. The initial blitz of Free Nicky Kelly graffiti had to be rapidly re-thought when, all over Dublin and beyond, the piss-artists had a field day trying to think up witty things to tag onto the end, like Free Nicky Kelly … with every box of cornflakes and so on.

    The slogan quickly was changed to Release Nicky Kelly