How not to improve a community Lesson No. Lost Count

A youth centre in East Belfast has been temporarily closed following threats issued by men claiming to represent both loyalist paramilitary groups.

  • Loyalist

    Maybe Reg can ask his mates if they were involved, and McAleese can ask Big Jackie over tea and biscuits in Finaghy today….

  • Pete Baker

    What you mean, Fair Deal, is that Castlereagh Council closed the centre, which only opened a couple of years ago, in the face of threats from a group which the Alliance Party councillor seems to believe are the UVF.

    If our politicians are going to continually back away whenever some group of thugs start issuing threats then we’ve got no chance of making any progress.

  • Crataegus

    This is ridiculous, who walked in, who issued the threat and why are they not answering questions down in Montgomery Road. It is utterly pathetic that this sort of thing can happen, PSNI wakey wakey.

    Anyone any idea what was problematic about the youth club?

    Perhaps Reg will intervene now he carries come clout in those circles.

    Don’t know if its just me but every time I see a police van it seems to be outside a fast food outlet? Safest properties in NI must be within 100m of a take away.

  • Pete Baker


    It’s not simply a youth club.. it cost £850,000 to build, was only opened in 2003, and Castlereagh Council still owed the SEELB £400,000 for capital costs[scroll down] as of this time last year.

  • Note to UUPers:

    As I have pointed out here before, as a result of the UUP’s pact with the PUP, any action attributed to the UVF, whether or not it turns out to be true and/or sanctioned by the UVF leadership, will put the UUP under renewed pressure. That is a demoralising position (at the least) for any party to face, but its leaders bury their heads like ostriches and act like turkeys anticipating Christmas.

  • Jacko

    The Watchman

    Giant-sized turkeys in other words?

  • Crataegus



    Still don’t see why anyone would want to close it. Did they not get a big enough cut when it was being built? Do they want to run it? Have the organisers not employed their people? What form of racket are we dealing with?

    This simply illustrates, yet again, the need for us to be rid of these organisations.

    If anyone has any information on any such organisation there are plenty of ways of forwarding it to the PSNI anonymously, but you will probably find 50 years from now that the person responsible is working for the intelligence services.

    Political parties embarrassed by them, police compromised by them what sort of place are we living in?

  • McGrath

    “It is understood it may be related to an employment issue at Castlereagh Borough Council.”

    Whats the employment issue? The answer to this may be the real farce.

  • Rory

    McGrath raises the same question that is on my mind. It would seem that a good tactic for an employer to advance against workers in dispute would be that they are loyalist (or republican or anarchist/communist thugs – it worked with Sacco and Vanzetti in a different sphere after all).

    But it remains only a question from a distance not a cute polemic from a smart arse outsider (at least on this occassion).

    I would really like to know more.

  • Máirtín

    Apparently the real reason for the closure is that the UDA are unhappy with the fact that catholics play soccer at the venue. Isn’t Belfast in 2006 great?