Poker club reopening after raid…

LOCAL poker fans might be pleased to learn that the Cavendish Club looks set to reopen, after it was shut down by police a few months ago. Whether the legalities have been clarified is another matter…

  • Bemused

    I’m afraid this is a bit of non-story. Sean Murphy had his poker tables, roulette wheels etc. seized by police. The only way he was eventually able to get them back was to give a formal undertaking to the court to refrain from using the equipment in any way which was inconsistent with the applicable legislation and to abide by that legislation to the letter. In essence this means that if he does open up again he can only charge 50p as an entry fee and have prize pools of a couple of pounds. The courts have made it clear that if he steps out of line in any way, shape or form he is going to get hammered. If the Cavendish does open up again it will be as a mickey mouse ‘fun poker’ operation.

  • Rory

    I wonder what odds Paddy Power or William Hill are offering on it remaining open for longer than, say, three months?

  • Yokel

    So thats what it is….

  • sonneti

    lol, Mickey Mouse? I think the only one taking the Mickey here is you!!

    This is great news for poker in Northern Ireland! The Cavendish was the first proper poker club in Belfast and definately contributed to the massive boom we have seen here… It was singled out while many other smaller clubs still operated freely!

    Anyway I’m looking forward to playing there again as I’m sure are many MANY others. I can also assure you it won’t be any mickey mouse set-up!

    Stating the maximum buy-in allowed will only be 50p is also complete BS as quite frankly is most of your post.. please name your source for this great mis-information????

    ps: Rory you can name your odd’s I’ll take your bet 😉

    see you at the tables..

  • Bemused

    Sorry Sonneti you are quite correct, I got it wrong. The maximum entry fee is actually 60 pence. Try reading the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 in particular Part III Chapter I and Article 128.

    Here – I’ll even provide a link for you and other slow learners:-

    Trust me – if Murphy even farts too loudly in the Cavendish he’ll be straight to Maghaberry before his feet even touch the ground.