“Fire units from Dundalk and Northern Ireland are fighting a blaze at a farm in Co Louth”.

Just got this in…

“Fire units from Dundalk and Northern Ireland are fighting a blaze at a farm in Co Louth. Eight fire brigades are attending the fire at two large sheds, containing oil and gas containers, in Ballybinaby, Hackball’s Cross. The PSNI and gardaí are also at the scene.”

It sounds remarkably like Slab Murphy’s place. Can anyone confirm, or deny?

  • Turbo Paul

    UTV alleging the farm is Slab’s

  • Garibaldy
  • irish in America

    Deliberately set to cover up evidence?

  • Mick Fealty

    Well, I would take that PA report as confirmation. If it was deliberately set, that would be found in the process of an investigation.

    Apparently it was a hay barn that went up.

  • Bemused

    This is Slab’s attempt to reach out to the loyalist ‘community’. Apparently he has been collecting rubbish at his farm for months and has now gotten completely pissed on Special Brew, invited all the ferals for miles around to his gaff and set fire to the whole monstrosity while staggering about beating a Lambeg drum and shouting ‘fuck the pope’.

  • Garibaldy


    Like most Provo efforts to reach out, hampered by a lack of understanding of the other side. Has got neither the time of day nor the date right. How can they ever expect to get a UI at this rate?

  • Jacko

    He must really have taken it bad, Willie Fraser offering to buy the place.

  • Turbo Paul

    If it was a hay barn, perhaps this was an accident, someone dropping a cigarette, or would that be too much to ask given Slab’s history and current status???????

  • Carson’s Cat

    If it was a hay barn then that might make it much harder to prove any deliberate intent. After all, there would be no traces of diesel needed to get it going.

    Of course, Mr Murphy wouldn’t have any spare diesel sitting around his farm would he? 😉

    When you smuggle such copious amounts of cigarettes and illegal fuel then there had to be a point where someone would ask… “anyone got a light?”

  • heck

    any chance the fire was started by some of ingram’s ex buddies?

    They can’t get Mr Murphy one way, they will always try another.

  • Any evidence has already been bagged and tagged so there ain’t much to cover up.

    The insurance angle looks interesting, though, like the story of the three guys on the airliner.

  • elfinto

    Ingram and Willie Frazer did a Brokeback Mountain down at Slab’s haybarn and carelessly tossed away a cigarette afterwards. Paul Berry is said to be fuming and has also turned forty shades of green. Meanwhile Slab was rumoured to be getting ready for this year’s Bachelor festival at Lisdoonvarna.

  • I’m putting this thread into the humour category.


    I thought the whole site was already in the humour category.
    You aren’t telling me that all these Chuckies are the real deal?
    Sure didn’t Newton Emerson shut down the Portadown News soley on the basis that he couldn’t make up half the shit the appears here?


  • Ingram

    This is reminiscent of the Germans when the Russian were approaching the Reich Chancellery . They burnt all behind them.How the mighty have fallen.

    I wonder is it too much too ask that Slab is lying in a bunker with his old faithful dog ( We cannot mention a female here because we all know which way he swings dont we Elfie? never mind Paul Berry) waiting for an old trusted aide to fireball him.

    At least Will Frazer has enjoyed a wonderful evening. I understand he has been spotted in the neighborhood revising his offer for the old ranch.LOL


  • hotdogx

    RTE website confirms its slabs place, this fire was set on purpose to dispose of evidence

  • Betty Boo

    “Eight fire brigades are attending the fire”
    Must have been invitations only.

  • Tafkabo.

    I can only vouch for most of the stuff that goes out at the top. The rest comes with a health warning. 🙂

  • Turbo Paul

    Latest news:

    Barn contained 5.4 million Euros, ready to be paid to the revenue.

    Wonder if the revenue take Northern banknotes????

  • Ingram

    or works of art Eh Paul.


  • HolyGhost

    “I wonder is it too much too ask that Slab is lying in a bunker with his old faithful dog ( We cannot mention a female here because we all know which way he swings dont we”

    Are these more revelations to come out in the new book or just the usual dose of bollox, martin?

  • Strange to think so many get a vicarious enjoyment out of an unexplained fire at the farm of a persecuted man on the North Louth South Armagh border. Why precisely is there a border between North Louth and South Armagh?
    Are we to asume all unmarried Irish farmers are gay? Or should we just follow Willie Frazer’s lead?
    On another matter: did anyone ever give Slab a good thumping when he played (GAA) football?

  • skinbop

    definitely one of the more enjoyable threads.
    according to the bbc website “it is believed no animals were hurt”. thank goodness for that – what with it being a farm and all…

  • So has anyone any record on Slab’s GAA career when he played juniour football? Did anyone ever sort him out in true GAA man to man style? Has he financially supported the GAA? Any chance of a Slab cup? It seems he is very well engrained, liked and loved in his community.
    Like skinbop, I sincerely hope no animals were hurt in torching his gaffe. And, like Mr mUrphy, I hope the mne from the Wee County send Tyrone packing in the replay.