Plan to change Northern Irish law-making…

THE LibDems and Tories are proposing that the undemocratic way Westminster legislation for Northern Ireland is introduced should be changed. At the moment, it’s through “take it or leave it” Orders in Council – basically, Westminster laws are either passed for NI without any amendment, or they’re ditched. The new plan would mean laws could be amended, which would be an improvement, but one wonders why this is happening now…

  • Rory

    I am sure that it is very kind of the LibDems and the Tories to consider making Westminster legislation for Northern Ireland more democratic (or at least to appear that way).

    Some of us might be forgiven for wondering how that can be at all possible. The prospect of Westminster parliamentarians wrangling over how best to govern the people of that part of Ireland smacks more of a dispute between joint-venture slave merchants arguing over the cost and quality of manacles to be used to fasten their “goods” than it does of democracy.

    No such pretentious exercise of a falling out among thieves can disguise the whole totally undemocratic nature of the governance itself.

  • Rory



    it’s happening now because everyone apart from the Secretary of State and his party are realistically preparing for medium to long term direct rule.

  • Crataegus


    The fact that the existing system is only now being challenged is more telling.


    Direct rule seems the most likely outcome but interest in NI really hasn’t been great so why now?