Pensioner murdered at home

While this is obviously a very sad story, there may be added poignancy, if local rumours are anything to go by. A 75 year old pensioner was murdered in her home in Warrenpoint on her birthday on Thursday. There is certainly a very tense atmosphere in the locality, and people appear to be going out of their way to ensure their personal safety and that of their neighbours.

For obvious reasons, there is a limit to what can be repeated on this forum, but as I said rumours are rife at the moment, and doors are being locked and checked at night as never before. The story has special significance for me, as the person who is widely suspected of the crime knocked on my door at 4 in the morning about 3 months ago. He wanted cigarettes, and I told him I had none. He then asked for money, and I went to look for my purse, before it dawned on me it might not be a good idea to open the door. (duh) I asked him politely to go away, and phoned the police. Their response was ‘Oh right, thats just xxx, he’s alright’. My response was that it wasnt effing alright, as it was 4 in the morning, but that was the last I heard of it all until now.

Word has it locally that an arrest has been made, but this cannot be confirmed. Will update as news is available.