Not everyone enjoys the good weather

It’s starting to feel a bit like the Maire Celeste here this evening, so I will just post two other stories that appear relevant. There were serious disturbances last night in Ballymena and Portadown:

A man has suffered a serious head injury during a street fight in Portadown, County Armagh. Up to 25 people from the Latvian, Polish and Portuguese communities were involved in the brawl in the Thomas Street area early on Saturday. Three men and a woman were arrested and are being questioned in connection with attacks on police and causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The police also seized a number of weapons, including knives.

Meanwhile, in another part of the fair region, in Ballymena, up to 12 people were involved in a fight in the Wellington Street area at about 1900 BST on Friday.

Feel free if you want to add some detail.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Catholic mate of mine sustained a rather nasty head wound last night on the Castlereagh Road walking past an amusement arcade at closing time.

    Utterly pointless.

  • m


    Send in your riot photos.

    Name the nonce.

    Give live pub fight updates.

    ffs. is this the sun?

  • m

    A mate of mine got beaten by thugs?

    It had nothing to do with him being a Catholic but I’ll mention his religion because it happened in a perceived Prod area?

    Or was it a sectarian after amusement attack?

    Was you mentioning his religion the pointless bit? Or are you alleging a sectarian attack?

    Bloody Slugger’s and it’s tabloid approach to summer.

  • Miss Fitz

    While I am only too happy to chase you around the threads, closing you down, I would be more than happy to see you engage in some serious conversation or debate.
    Mick has already made it clear that his reasoning in asking for photos from the Tour of the North has nothing to do with your subsequent extrapolation.

    As to the thread on the pensioner, you are similarly off base. It’s news, so its blogged.

    And the Mournes hostel? Yeah well, people like to relax from time to time, and the odd one out there has a little disposable income. Why not spend it at home?

    Bottom line M, put up or shut up

    Cheers, miss fitz 🙂

  • m

    Miss Fitz,

    Just to be clear.

    Who did die and leave you Queen of the internet?

    ‘chase me around’?? ffs!

    I’m disagreeing with what I perceive as tabloid blogging and/or commenting.

    It seems a fairish point given the ‘police camera action’ nature of recent appeals, voyeurism and wild speculation.

    If you don’t like it. Get over it?

    (why delete it? its only questions..probes..)

  • Miss Fitz

    Well M, I beg to differ. You have said that there were inferences that would identify an individual in what I posted, and I disagree. I felt your comments were not helpful, and I deleted them.

    I am not Queen of the internet, although I am flattered, thank you.

    If you want to make consructive and useful points on a debate, thats fine. But I reserve the right, according to the Slugger commenting policy to edit or delete comments on the threads I post as I feel appropriate.

    I perceived your comments to be accusatory, inflammatory and offensive to me as an individual.

    Lets get some real debate going, and leave out the personal attacks.


  • m

    Get over yourself.

    You entered a blog.

    I questioned elements of that blog. You deleted my comment.

    nothing ‘accusatory, inflammatory ‘ in my entry.

    You deleted it because I said your blog was potentially both (but unlikely).

    You acted the censor and tailored the conversation by invoking the ‘no reply rule‘.

    I clearly can’t raise my minor objection again as it’ll be deleted again or removed. (there was no need to remove it)

    You over reacted imho.

  • m

    Slugger bloggers directing conversation on their own blogs through deletion of unwelcome comments.


  • Casey


    When is DC back up?

  • martin

    I hope this has nothing to do with our lithuanian boyos who were involved in the skirmish in wee kilkeel, I believe other foreigneers were also involved ,we might have to consider shipping all those fuckers back to where they came from

  • Coun Balls: “This is a development of the first importance. Clearly, these young folk have seen the benefits of integrating into our society and respecting the values that bind us all, whatever our community, in Northern Ireland..”

  • martin

    Alex what the fuck was all that about,are you suggesting that we give them acess to our hard got weapons ,balaclavas, just so they can integrate into our wee pravince, jasus man they may wanna become touts next , they will then be free to wipe out the indigenous folk, now where wil we be then

  • Rory

    “….consider shipping these f***kers back to where they came from”, Martin?

    What a daringly original solution.

    Perhaps you might consider signing up as a leader writer on the Daily Express. You clearly possess the necessary intellectual rigour.

  • Valenciano

    Rory I think ‘Martin’ is just a troll, trying (and dismally failing) to be funny. Best leave him to it eh?

  • martin

    nah ye with the unpronouncable name, I like the idea about working with the Daily Express, and anyway how the hell did you get a permit to opoinionate re affairs of the land of the wee folk ye foreigneer .

  • Rory

    Good advice, Valenciano, I see clearly that you are right.

  • martin

    so your ganging up on me now, well if its trouble you be wanting, I,ll send the boys round cant come meself as I getting married again, 7 th this year these passport marriages are a great wee earner ,maybe valenciano him/herself got into the country this way