Any tickets for sale?

In addition to the ongoing financial and staff problems at Cunningham House, the Sunday Life reports that opponents of the PUP-UUP alliance plan to put pressure on Sir Reg Empey to break the link at the Party Executive meeting this Friday.

  • Rory

    Is that a photograph of Reg Empey?

    I thought it was Frazier Crane’s younger brother, Niles, with a hangover.

  • Crataegus


    Who ever he is he certainly has a hangover.

    Question is will he go for the hair of the dog that bit him or decide he has a problem, and take the pledge of total abstinence?

  • cthulhu

    A face made for politics. His plot is so large, I half expect his pituitary to come snaking out his forehead.

    Deb Cen R.I.P.

  • eddie

    time for reg to go.

    give that young whipper snapper ken maginnis a go, he will sort it all out.

  • boshank

    ah yes fair deal, the always reliable words of Mr Joe Oliver, a hack par excellence whose raison d’etre is to reinforce the adage of never letting the truth get in the way of a good story…so let’s take it as gospel shall we? Now anyone heard the rumour about Paisley’s secret love child with a rabbi’s daughter?

    Or the one about Adams and the basque crack addicted she-male with the wooden leg?

    read the story for chrissakes, more holes in it than swiss cheese. As for the financila and staff problems at Cunningham House: Fair deal since you seem able to make a pronouncement on these problem,s maybe you’d like to spell out what they are, or shall we carry on just speculating…or wait for boo boo, darth rumsfeld to weigh in with their ‘insider knowledge’ lmfao…

  • Keith M

    I’ve thought a way to save the UUP from oblivion, maybe they should allow the TV cameras into Cunningham House around the clock. They could make a comedy “documentary” in the style of “The Office” with Reg as the David Brent. People seem to like embarrassising pathos ridden stuff like this and the UUP might get a sympathy vote.

  • eddie

    brilliant keith

  • lib2016

    Help! I’m getting buried under a stack of threads about every party in NI except the one which faces a real challenge to it’s whole raison d’etre. The DUP is led by figures who have risen to power on a programme of rigid antiCatholic bigotry who now either go into power with the anti-Christ or alienate British and moderate opinion here completely.

    Yet we keep getting revelations and hints about Sinn Fein and the UUP, now clearly abandoned by the Brits.

    If I was a suspicious chap I might almost suspect a conspiracy to distract us from the Government’s real intentions and activities here.

  • fair_deal


    “maybe you’d like to spell out what they are,”

    Gladly and easily with what is already in the public domain no need for nudges and winks or claiming insider knowledge.

    The electoral commission reporting the party to the police over secret bank accounts that hadn’t been disclosed to the auditors.

    The Chief Executive (barely in the job) being suspended from his post. A post the UUP has had persistent and ongoing problems with.

  • boshank

    Fair Deal,

    well the acounts arn’t ‘secret’ and were brought to the attention of the Commission over six months ago.

    As for Will Corry, he has been with the Party since the last westminster elections, so barely in the job si stretching it a bit.

    The previous two. Well Lyle Rea was just crap at the job and hid behind other excuses to cover over his sacking (incidentally as i’m sure you know he went to work with your party…mmm curious!) anyway before that it was alistair patterson who resigned after some legal problems (not related to HQ, officers etc) came to light and made his position untenable. So maybe that explains the persistent and on-going problems with you.

    You seem like an intelligent bloke fair deal so why bother using a third rate hack like oliver to try and beat my party up? surely you can do better??

  • eddie


    Maybe the Chief Executives knew too much and that worried the magic circle.

    In any event, it will all come out in due course when no doubt Corry will sue the party if not reinstated.

  • boshank

    Eddie, what all of them…that’s strectching it a bit.

    Personally i think that all of this is relatively easily explained. It’s more to do with individual personalities with agenda’s to push, who rub each other the wrong way.

    Every party has this problem but unfortunately my party seems to like doing it’s business in the media instead of behind closed doors…which is obviously extremely entertaining for opponents

  • Pete Baker

    “Personally i think that all of this is relatively easily explained. It’s more to do with individual personalities with agenda’s to push, who rub each other the wrong way.”

    That’s interesting, boshank, because Ken Maginnis thinks it’s a conspiracy.. and he should know.. being the treasurer..

  • boshank

    Look Pete, i’m going to be a little tease here and say i’ve a pretty good idea what is going on here. And it is very much personality driven and revolves around the officers some old school, some new. I’m very confident that the whole accounts issue will be claered up relatively quickly. What i’m not prepared to do unlike some of the tw*ts who sit at the top table is sup from the journalists cup and help create stories like this…that’s all i’m saying lol. now i’m off to enjoy what’s left of the weekend and as much as your company is good i’m done.

  • Pete Baker

    I should, of course, have pointed out that Ken’s conspiracy theory is one in which a major role is played by the Electoral Commission

    It was the commission who called in the police.. after the second account was uncovered.

  • BooBoo

    boshank—I would actually concur with your view that the UUP’s problems are personality driven. My sense is that your colleagues tend to hate each other more than they hate people from other parties.

    My “insider knowledge” is gleamed from a very wide range of contacts and, to be honest, its people from the various factions who make the openings to me, rather than the other way round.

    I’m assuming that you are probably one of 2 people and if so then I think you may agree with me that your hands are personally tied unless and until the UUP fully centralises and controls all contact with the media.

    You also have a problem with consistency of message and it’s not always clear how fully your leadership actually endorses the positions it adopts.

    I recognise that you have a tough task and I admire your willingness to display so much loyalty. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t enter into debates on sites like this (when it is clear that you are a key UUP player, nor encourage what is clearly a group of posters from HQ) and then complain about the ensuing squabbles being great entertainment for your opponents.

    Your party does have huge problems and you need to find a strategic response which keeps the waverers on board and keeps your internal critics happy. At a number of key junctures in the last few years the party has failed to produce that strategic response. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the gap has been filled from a number of sources and individuals.

    I am in the communications/PR business and I understand the importance of the strategic response; and that is why I believe, as I said in another post, that the UUP may be unsalvageable. It is not your fault, personally, and nor is it necessarily the fault of those who have tried to push ideas from their own platforms. It is primarily the fault of a party structure, culture and legacy which hasn’t adapted well to changing demands.


  • smithsonian

    A surprisingly conciliatory approach from someone that has expressed strong (negative) views on a number of UUP personalities in the past. You seem to have softened your critism of the individuals and are now blaming the party structures instead. What has brought about this change?

    Perhaps you should step forward and lead the party or will you leave it in the capable hands of Ken Maginnis?

  • neill armstrong

    This party is unsalvageable `til it wants to be salvaged,we have learnt very little from the last ten years and rewarded failure with both paid and unpaid positions.If we are going to survive in any credible way we will have to get the party filled with people in the right places entirely restructure the party,set out to reconnect with the voters and if we are lucky perhaps it will take us ten to fifteen years.
    Of course with council reorganisation which will hurt our party very badly,we might have to wait longer much longer to revive

  • neill armstrong

    Needless to say forming pointless alliances with the pup/uvf will hurt us very badly in the future. What really grates is the fact that it was launched on us with no prior information still councilors are always the last to know,well in our party anyway…. : )

  • inuit_goddess

    Neill, we all need to give this a little time and wait and see just how “pointless” Reg’s move turns out to be.

    There’s an ongoing dialogue there, Reg has said he is in direct and continuing contact with the UVF leadership.

    We need to give him time to try and get a result – he clearly thinks this is seriously worth pursuing and of course he’s not exactly a wild risk-takin’ kinda guy.

    If Reg thinks this is worth the heat he’s been taking, and he’s still sticking to his course on this remember, then he must think he’s in with a chance of serious progress from the UVF. And that’s something we’d all be thankful for.

  • Rory

    While having no fondness for unionism nor for the UUP I can’t but help thinking that this is not about the money. On what we know at least, there is little or no prima facie evidence of any serious wrongdoing and Ken Maginnis’s protests seem justified.

    However accusations of financial chicanery are often the peg upon which the hats of political and organisational rivalry are hung and I suspect this to be the case here. Since Maginnis appears increasingly to be the likely beneficiary (or perhaps “winner of the poisoned chalice” might be more accurate) his bluster may well be suspect as being inspired by Machiavelli.

  • Garibaldy

    Loyalist paramilitaries are now allegedly a form of trade unions