Haughey and Dignam: life imitating art?

From the 100 anniversary, the Economist wonders if Bloomsday is not a better experience than reading the book itself. Though as Kevin Cullen notes Charlie Haughey’s funeral may be a case of life imitating art.He talks to Senator David Norris: ‘‘At the end of the day, Charlie was a great Joycean,’’ Norris said in a telephone interview from Dublin, where he is a senator and lecturer at Trinity College. ‘‘I am quite confident that Charlie would never have dreamed of canceling Bloomsday. You can’t cancel Bloomsday. That’s like saying you can cancel Monday or Tuesday. And on the 16th of June, in Dublin, it will always be Bloomsday.’’

Indeed, Haughey was, like many Dubliners, one for keeping the day every 16th of June. A reporter once observed Haughey in a southside Dublin pub, having imbibed considerably more than the one glass of burgundy that Leopold Bloom consumes at Davy Byrne’s pub, recite from memory a long passage from ‘‘Ulysses.’’ Mr. Haughey’s companions cheered lustily, and he bowed gallantly.

Norris noted that Haughey died on June 13 and will be buried on June 16, as did Paddy Dignam, a character from ‘‘Ulysses’’ whose funeral is the focus of Chapter 6.


  • Pete Baker

    I preferred David Norris’s comments to RTÉ.. much in the same vein, mind..

    “You can’t cancel Bloomsday. You can’t cancel Sunday. Perhaps you won’t go to Church but it’s still Sunday. And in Dublin the 16th of June will always be Bloomsday.”

  • Greenflag

    ‘And in Dublin the 16th of June will always be Bloomsday.’

    Thanks to JJ 🙂

  • http://tinyurl.com/fssqx

    One ex CBS boy to another. Here is a fair and balanced look by Jude Collins in the Daily Ireland about the late Cathal O hEochaidh as his brother called him.

  • Mick Fealty


    Try tinyurl.com with long URLs like this one. They play havoc with the formating of the page.

  • Sorry Mick. Glad to see you up early. I must be a thicko as I have unsuccessfully tried to follow your instructions below. Pity we did not have the INterent when I was at school as the Brotehrs could have kicked it into me.
    Thanks for the tiny link. I will use it in the future. Once I get over the grief of our fallen chief.
    I am humby humbly sorry. OK? Now I can get back to being a prat.

    And in Dublin the 16th of June will always be Bloomsday. Haughey day. If Haughey does not inspire at least one great novel, I will vote Fine Gael.