Can Loach’s movie find an audience?

The promotional effort for Ken Loach’s ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ has started in force, in advance of next Friday’s UK release. Newsnight had an interesting take on it last night (watch it here), and an interview in the Guardian today makes interesting reading. Particularly this bit..

Somebody, at least, is doing a very good job of trying to kill the film in Britain. Loach says that there are about 40 prints of the film here. “In France, there are 300.” To be fair, there is surely a bigger market for anti-Brit diatribes across the Channel, especially as the director has suggested the film may be taken as a metaphor for the Iraq war.

It made me wonder what sort of audience the movie will get in NI. Will people in say, Ballymena, or Lisburn, be able to roll up to the IMC or the Omniplex and make up their own minds? Even if the cinemas want to show it, will the protestors be out in force, as usual? Down with this sort of thing, and all that..

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