Boston looking for Irish films….

Boston Irish Film Festival is looking for entries. Prizes consist of flights and free accomodation to the festival in November. Thanks to Emily.


  • Rory

    I’m sure I have a video copy of “The Informer”, with Victor McLaglen as Gyppo Nolan, in the attic somewhere. Does this count?

    When do I get my flight tickets? I like a room with a view but I have no special dietary requirements outside of large quantities of steak and claret.

    Maybe I’d be better off taking my copy of Ford Coppola’s “Finian’s Rainbow”, with Fred Astaire and Tommy Steele, both broths of boys. What do you think?

    By the way has anyone noticed that all the great Hollywood dance legends of the 40’s and 50’s were Irish – Dan Dailey; Jimmy Cagney; Donald O’Connor; Debbie Reynolds; Ginger Rodgers; Gene Kelly and of course Astaire himself who was originally O’Staire (or so my granny told me). That’s why, I suspect, Randolph Scott had to give up the hoofing and go into Westerns – he wasn’t Irish, his face (or perhaps his legs) just didn’t fit.

  • Aaron

    On the basis of the terrible Irish films I saw at the Dublin Film Festival, and the terrible people in attendence, they’d be better off not bothering..

  • Emily

    Most films at film festivals are terrible. When they narrow the criteria, as in the case of this event, allowing submissions that are distinctly Irish, they get even worse. But if you think you can do better…