Belfast Telegraph seeks Justice for Attracta

Attracta Harron was murdered by Trevor Hamilton, having been abducted on December 11th 2003, on her way home from Mass.

Hamilton made legal history in Northern Ireland as the first person to have his previous convictions revealed to the Court, as he was a convicted sex offender. He had been sent to a young offenders centre for seven years after pleading guilty to raping, assaulting and threatening to kill a 29-year-old woman in February 2000 when he was 17. He had been released less than four months when he abducted and killed Mrs Harron. He is now expected to spend the rest of his life in prison.

In Northern Ireland, there is an automatic 50% remission on all sentences, except life sentences. In other words, serious sex offenders are automatically released after half of their time is served, as there is no sentence review or parole board. The Belfast Telegraph has been leading a campaign to end this anomaly in prison releases, and is calling for a sentence review body to consider the most serious sex offenders before their release, and perhaps ensure that they serve all of the sentence that has been handed down. I would encourage all readers to take a moment and participate in the campaign:

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