And the Oscar for Greatest Irish sporting moment goes to…

This thought came to me when posting on Mick’s thread about who was the greatest, Keane or Best. Since that one’s a ‘no-brainer’ (apologies to relevant blow-in British Minister) I came up with this idea. Whether it’s soccer, gaelic, rugby, athletics or something else, let’s hear nominations for the greatest Irish sporting moment.I have my own thoughts, which are clearly biased by personal memories and interests.

Personal achievements
Stephen Roche’s Tour de France victory in 1987; Barry McGuigan’s defeat of Eusebio Pedroza; Sean Treacy’s Marathon silver in the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984;

Team Triumphs
The Republic of Ireland’s 1994 victory over Italy in New Jersey, closely matched by the Romanian penalty shoot-out drama of Italia ’90 and the victory in Spain 1982 by the North against the host Nation.

In rugby, the Ulster and Munster European successes, as well as the Munster victory over the All Blacks.

In GAA, the victory of Down in 1991 which brought to an end Ulster’s long drought- as well as the famous Clare Hurling triumphs of the 1990s.

But my personal favourite has to be the precise moment Ray Houghton’s head knocked the ball into the English net in the beautiful German town of Stuttgart, a moment that announced the arrival of the Irish team onto soccer’s grandest stage to the rest of the world.

Ahh memories….