50/50 to be suspended for part time recruits…

There are only to be 150 of the prospective part time local constables, but interesting that for this particular category, the requirement for 50/50 recruitment is to be lifted. Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton:

“Policing With the Community is at the very centre of everything we do as a police service and I encourage people from all sections of the community in these areas to consider applying, it`s very important that these officers are fully representative of the community they are working in.

“Indeed, part of the recruitment process involves applicants showing that they have ties with the local community.

“Obviously, living in the area will be one way to do this, but for people who study or work in one of the five districts, or who have close relations living in the area, the recruitment process will be open to them too.”

  • I can’t quote a source I’m afraid, but I could have sworn I heard a few years ago that recruitment of part timers wouldn’t be subject to the 50/50 rules.

  • Fanta

    There was never 50/50 for part timers


  • I am not surprised that they are lifting 50/50 seeing as they are seeking to recuit in Foyle and Newry and Mourne.

    They are looking for 47 in Newry and Mourne, I wonder how many they will get from the Nationalist community in South Armagh?

  • Rubicon

    The 50:50 police recruitment required special legislation since it breached the rules for fair employment.

    The rights and wrongs of this are difficult balance. Policing needs community involvement.

    Since it’s the week of Haughey’s demise, I can also remember a time when ripping off the state had the Taoiseach leading the charge. A culture of “getting away with it” and “not informing” existed. A situation not too different from nationalist perspectives in NI.

    When it comes to policing, recruitment on merit has been set aside. It was done to get nationalists engaged. The argument was put that this needed to be done for nationalists to take ownership of policing. Policing needs community support for it to work etc etc.

    50:50 recruitment can only lead to unfairness. If entrants to the police have already set fairness aside – well then, I guess we’ll get what we deserve!

    Rectifying dicrimination by discriminating is no answer.

  • Harry

    The current ratio of the population in n. ireland is 53% unionist and 44% nationalist. 50:50 is hardly a great leap away from that.

  • Miss Fitz

    Sorry to stick the oar in here, but the report on Radio Ulster appeared to imply/suggest strongly that there was a proactive move to recruit ethnic minorities in these areas to these particular jobs. Indeed, I paused when listening, as I wondered if they were going to try and get Lithuanian recruits in Kilkeel…..

    It was the intro for the piece, and that was very much what I came away with from it.

  • newryman

    Surely applying 50/50 for P/T would have made more sense in a area like Newry & Mourne.

    The applicants are all required to have strong links in the area and I can’t see many Catholics in N&M being comfortable serving in the area they live in. Well that is until Sinn Fein stop playing games in regards to Policing.

    Which ultimatly means there will be very few Catholic PT’s

  • Which ultimatly means there will be very few Catholic PT’s

    Because the majority of Catholics in Newry and Mourne don’t support the RUC/PSNI.

  • Newryman

    “Because the majority of Catholics in Newry and Mourne don’t support the RUC/PSNI.”

    I must of missed that referendum!

    How exactly do they not “support” the police??

    Although I know there are small areas of Newry which the police aren’t exactly made to feel welcome, But then again there are areas of Dublin where the Gardai aren’t welcome either and I wouldn’t say the people of Dublin don’t support the Police.

    As a Catholic from Newry and Mourne who has a lot of friends who vote Sinn Fein, none of them seemed to have a problem with myself applying to join them.