You can’t cancel Bloomsday!

If you were hoping to be celebrating Bloomsday at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin on Friday, think again. As the Irish Times reports, all Bloomsday events at the James Joyce Centre, which only reopened this week, have been cancelled[subs req]. The Centre have a brief statement online here. Senator, and Joycean scholar, David Norris is not impressed, “I would not have taken that decision, but the decision had to be taken in a hurry”, and he’ll be dressing up in his “usual old paraphernalia” and reciting “a few pieces of putrid prose” anyway. Just right too.

He also argued that Charles Haughey, whose funeral is the reason for the cancellation, wouldn’t have agreed to the move:

“I would have maintained the centre open and I would have had a minute’s silence in respect for Charlie Haughey and I’m perfectly certain that Mr Haughey would not have cancelled it himself,” he claimed.

Commenting on Mr Haughey’s interest in James Joyce and his works, Senator Norris said “He was a great Joycean. He was a believer in life, that life goes on and I think he would have understood in a very practical way as well, as a matter of hospitality that we have many, many people coming from all over the world for the event.”

“It is a pity. I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t think Charlie would have done it either. But life does go on. The centre will be open for coffee. And I will dress up in my usual old paraphernalia and I will recite a few pieces of putrid prose for the admiration of the public,” he said.

“You can’t cancel Bloomsday. You can’t cancel Sunday. Perhaps you won’t go to Church but it’s still Sunday. And in Dublin the 16th of June will always be Bloomsday,” he said.