United at last

Kilkeel has long been known as a bitterly divided town, and famously has a catholic and protestant side of the main street. Indeed, Newry and Mourne Council’s says that ‘Kilkeel suffers from a sectarian image which is “strangling” the town – flags and graffiti, poor image. and reputation. – There is no vibrancy to the town …’

However, news that the local youths were united in endeavours at the weekend before last (update) could not be met with any enthusiasm…… Both sides got together to engage in a street fight with Lithuanians who were in the town at the time as well. UUP councillor Henry Reilly said:
It seems extraordinary that Protestants and Catholics have joined forces to fight Lithuanians in Kilkeel.
“I am told that there were substantial numbers of people involved and that police were quite stretched.
“There seems to be a problem of bad relations and this seems worse in Kilkeel than elsewhere.
“There seem to be a lot of fights at weekends and I don’t know the solution.
“It is unfortunate that Protestants and Catholics appear to be reconciling to participate in a new type of tension.”
Reports suggest that the focal point of tension is often how boys from one community relate to girls in the other, with claims of problems both ways.

You’d need to read that carefully to see Henry’s reference to the supposed source of the problem, the wimmen. If only we had always known it was that simple