Remembering a shared historical figure?

Sinn Fein has proposed that one of north Antrim’s most famous sons, Roger Casement, be remembered by two of the local councils in the area. Amongst the ideas to be put forward to Moyle and Ballymena Councils are the setting up of a Casement exhibition in the Ballycastle Museum.
Roger Casement’s life, as much as any individual to come from this island, is a fascinating story: one time British diplomat, championed- and knighted- for his work on behalf of indigenous people in the Congo and latterly executed Irish revolutionary.

  • Miss Fitz

    That picture seems to have come out rather large! Is there any chance of seeing slightly less of Roger?

  • Chris Donnelly

    Miss Fitz

    Haven’t got to grips with this picture lark yet. You don’t seem to have any problems. Any tips for the less computer literate would be appreciated!

  • McGrath

    A Wikipedia URL! I thought Sluggers despised Wikipedia?

    Anyway, to me Mr Casement always seems to be a day late and a dollar short and seemed to dance to the fiddle with the sweetest tune. What tangible contribution did he make? Even the Shinners would have put a bullet in him if proved he was a homosexual. I mean, they are still scared of that demographic.

  • reality check

    I would be highly in favour of roger casement being remebered in some way.A lot of people may not know that there is a street named after him-in harryville!

  • Mick Fealty

    McG, you really must keep up with the project. So far as I know we have blogged one critical story on wikipedia (wicked pedia). We use it all the time.

  • Nathan

    Roger Casement is a potential icon to many, radically different, causes. Depending on where you’re coming from, he may be a sexual free-spirit, an Irish patriot or a humanitarian.

    I hope that the Ballycastle Museum do get to set up an exhibition on his life.

  • Nevin

    Shared? The UK political establishment was divided on the Home Rule question and Unionists and Nationalists were in opposing armed camps …

    The Crime Against Europe – Casement 1915

  • Keith M

    “he may be a sexual free-spirit” I suppose that’s one way to look at it, but when referring to middle aged men who have sex with young teenage boys, I think the more appropriate word is “paedophile”.

  • DK


    Interesting article – he is right in some of his 1915 predictions of WW1 (Decline of France, Germany will recover quickly), not so good on others (Germany will win).

    Unfortunately, he comes off as a bit of a conspiracy nut: WW1 is Britain’s fault, and they stirred up the other nations against Germany who had no choice but to attack. Bit like Pearl Harbour really being the American’s fault for oil embargoes on Japan.

    He’s also racist, although that is not uncommon in those days: “the Irish race still presents a type, superior physically, intellectually and morally to the English.”

  • páid

    He’s also racist, although that is not uncommon in those days: “the Irish race still presents a type, superior physically, intellectually and morally to the English.”

    That’s not racism, simply asserting the facts. 😉

  • Glen taisie

    Great suggestion, gets my support, so long as Sinn Fein don’t organise a parade of paramilitary bands through Ballycastle town like the Hunger Strike parade in May.


  • Gum

    I think thats fair Glen taisie. Casement deserves to be honoured for uncovering what was happening in the Congo if nothing else. But a statue would do – parades, whether of the OO or like the SF one in May, are designed to insult.

  • Brenda

    Statue!!! Another memorial, or mural, or parade.

    Can’t say I’d go for any of that. Who’d pay for it? The tax payer? Why? So much else is needed.

    Don’t we have enough of historical ppl on walls and rememberance gardens etc etc.

    Enough already!!!

  • Global

    Re the street in Harryville … it’s actually named after the father of Roger.
    Putting that to one side .. I am reliably informed that Apocalypse Now was based on ‘Heart of Darkness’ which in turn was based on Casement’s experience in Belgian Congo?
    Truth? Lies? Videotape?
    If it IS, who’s Roger in the Vietnam version?

  • Pete Baker

    Colonel Kurtz.. obviously.. 😉

  • Heart of Darkenss is based on Conrad’s own experiences. The King of Belgium was a savage and the fact that the most dangerous family in history had Irish and other men slaughtered on the green fields of France on behalf of Belgium is a disgrace, the same way the current terrorism the USA is infliciting o nthe peace loving people of Iraq is a disgrace. Poppy Day should be banned the same way Nazi commemorations are.
    Casement was merely a son of his times. I was surprised the Orange bigots of Antrim allowed Jack White to speak at their lodges. I guess, even with Nazis, there is one side softer than the other.

  • DK

    I invoke Godwin