McConnell’s tempestuous storm in a teacup?

Jack McConnell is usually a sure footed politician, but his decision to back Trinidad and Tobago instead of England seems to be backfiring on him, after the Carnoustie Golf Resort lost an important booking after Jack McConnell’s remarks about who he would be supporting at the World Cup. All a bit handbags at dawn. But the reality of Scottish hospitality may have been temporarily obscured by what was nothing more than a bit of populist grandstanding on the Scottish version of the English Question. Tourism is worth £4 Billion a year to Scotland.

  • PHIL

    I don’t care whether Jack McConnell supports England or not, after all why should he or any other foreigner cheer for us? What gets up our noses is that Scotland’s whole national identity seems to be based upon the fact that they are NOT English. This whole ethos is reflected by their pathetic support for anyone that we play against.

  • Rapunsel

    I ended up stuck with the Times today unfortunately. Interesting enough article by a guy called Magnus Linklater.,,6-2224327,00.html

    I’ll be rooting for Trinidad and Tobago myself not because it’s anyone but England but because they’re a small nation and the underdog and they will be driven by more pride and passion than I expect the english team would be able to muster in a lifetime. Jack McConnell can support whomsoever he wants. Phil, it’s strabge to listen to an englishman criticise Scots for having a national identity that is not English. You’re wrong there , any Scot I’ve ever met including some relatives defined themselves by their Scottishness ( now what that actually means is a different and difficult matter). I think you’re being a bit too sensitive and perhaps struggling yourself to define what your Englishness means– apart that is from supporting the English football team!

  • Brenda

    I don’t think too many welsh will support england either, all a bit much this football.

    Can’t we just agree that politics and football like politics and religion is not a good mix.

  • Rory

    Why on earth should Jack McConnell not be free to support Trinidad and Tobago? After all Tony Blair gives his unstinting, uncritical support in all matters to the USA before all, including the wishes of the mass of his own people.

  • scotsman

    Hmmm, Swallow hotels, English company, half their staff are probably Poles and Aussies, whether they’re in Scotland or Suffolk. Are they expected to support Ingerlund as well?

    What kind of A-hole does purchasing on this basis?

    Presumably he prefers to holiday in Skegness rather than Spain.

  • DK

    So, Swallow Hotels have lost some trade thanks to a prat of a first minister. He is free to support whoever he wants, but he must realise that Scotlands main trading partner might be the country that borders it. To piss people off there by saying that you will support any team their country plays, is plain stupid.

    He might pick up a few lazy nationalist votes, but if English companies decide that Scotland is a cold house to them, then the impact on jobs and income is higher. Never mind the shit-stirring. It’s a fairly slippery slope from this sort of mild xenophobia to someone getting their windows put in, or worse. Shades of Ian Paisley anyone?

  • Despair squid


    In a liberal use of the word, “ironically” somewhat ironically, Magnus Linklater is an ex-editor of the Scotsman (or the Hootsmon! as it is known as to some).


    Sadly anti-English sentiment is not unknown in Scotland. Neither is anti-Scottish sentiment in England funnily enough. Currently windows do get put in, but I’m aware of no more than that.

    To piss people off there by saying that you will support any team their country plays, is plain stupid.

    Oh FFS Read what he said why don’t you. *Last month* McConnell said was he backing teams with Scottish based players, such as Trinidad & Tobago and Angola (though I don’t believe any Scots-based players made the final Angolan squad). Go on, explain how hoping the likes of Angola do well is anti-English.

    I sometimes think the UK is slowly drifting towards totalitarianism, but wasn’t aware that not supporting England in the World Cup was some kind of thought crime.

    I don’t believe the majority of English people are as vindictive nor as insecure as you make them out to be. In any case why stop at football or sport in general: refuse to do business with anybody who disagrees with your views on anything; literature, cinema, music, hair length, hey, there’s a infinity of pettiness out there.