Did I say six weeks? I meant seven.. erm.. or eight..

The BBC report that the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, continues to make it up as he goes along. Well they don’t say that exactly but that’s what’s happening. Extending the initial assembly run until the 5th July may not seem significant, and will likely only provide the DUP with a chance to gloat, and Sinn Féin an opportunity to stamp their feet – as both will now do – but it’s another example of Hain ignoring what he’s previously said and pretending he never said it to begin with. Or not even pretending.. and as for his Committee.. ANYway.. More over the fold.Here’s Peter Hain’s previous statement to the Commons, on recalling the assembly – as noted here:

Our hope and intention is that the Assembly will elect an Executive within six weeks, as envisaged by Paragraph 35 of Strand One of the Good Friday Agreement. However, if this timeframe proves too short, the Assembly will have a further 12 week period after the summer in which to complete the task.[emphasis added]

btw, there is no traditional date for the assembly to go into it’s summer recess, how could there be?