(non-Irish) Blogs on Charlie’s death

Leading Westminster blogger Guido Fawkes writes of Charles Haughey..

Charlie was everything Guido expects of a politician. But let us not speak ill of the dead.

A more in-depth London perspective can be found on Sky political editor Adam Boulton’s blog..

Haughey’s dislike of the British extended to British journalists, he seldom gave much quarter to BBC and ITV. For some reason I got on with him better perhaps because the organisations Sky News and TV-am, the Breakfast TV programme were less “establishment”.

Final note.. American uber-blogger Matt Haughey has cause to regret Charlie’s death – it’s playing havoc with his ego-Googling

  • http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/06/14/db1401.xml

    The hard line Daily Telegraph had the above to say. As usual, it is the most detailed. I am glad to see Charlie will get a state funeral and Oglaigh ne hE will salute hs corpse as it travels from Donnycarney to St Fintan’s where Charlie will look out over the Irish Sea until he rises again.

  • J McConnell

    > …where Charlie will look out over the Irish Sea until he rises again

    …which is why the stake through the heart suggested by another poster may not be a such a bad idea after all…

  • Coun Balls, in a statement inscribed on vellum and delivered to the press on a silver salver, said “On this day of sombre tragedy we must recognise the grandeur of a statesman who, despite the handicap of being a taig, went on to episio..sorry..epitomise what is expected of all who engage in public life. You can’t take it with you, they say. I for one cannot believe Charles would have been daunted even by the Great Certainty itself…

    …now where’s my shovel?”

  • Brenda

    ‘despite his handicap of being a taig’


    Also agree with taigs that it is good to see charlie get a state funeral, and he is to lie in state where ppl can file past.

  • Greenflag

    ‘The hard line Daily Telegraph had the above to say. ‘

    The Daily Telegraph in reporting on Ireland ar anything Irish has the credibility of the former Soviet Pravda or Tass reporting on the ‘capitalist’ West . Most Irish people look upon the Daily Torygraph as just another detritus rag of Empire not quite 19th century Punch but close .

  • Donnacha

    Great crossword, though…

  • Rory

    Neat little quip from Guido Fawkes, although his irony seemed to pass over the heads of most of his readers.And of course it is much more effective than the “Fenian scumbag”, “may he rot in hell” school of Haughey’s other detractors.

    Whatever of Haughey’s legacy on other issues in the dark days of RUC/Loyalist terror pogroms he helped kindle some hope in the beleagured Nationalist community of the north and for that he will be fondly remembered when his supposed sins are forgotten.

    I realise that this may place me among the “He may have been a rogue, but at least he was our rogue” school of admirers. But so be it. That is were I am.

    The response to Guido Fawkes from a former soldier who served in NI at the time are interesting. He thought that it was right that Haughey and Blaney should arm the Catholic population as they desperately needed the means to defend themselves.