The new man in Larne

There’s a new Mayor in Larne. SDLP man Danny O’Connor has broken through the barrier in the town’s political hierarchy to become the first catholic nationalist mayor there in an agreed rotation system. Over the years, Danny hasn’t had his sorrows to seek with attacks on his home, terrorising members of his family. It’s a mark of his courage that he has stayed there and remained steadfast against his opponents. I wish him well in his term as Lord Mayor.

Our progress is often measured in baby steps, but this has to be seen as one more step in a direction of normality.

Ahead of the vote, Mr O’Connor said: “We’re not where we used to be. There was a time in Larne when there were a lot of problems – a lot of houses were attacked, but I do believe that we’ve turned a corner. There has been a huge amount of work done by other councillors in the background in trying and make the town more peaceful. I just think that this is a further step down that road of normality.”