Calling all new Irish blogs…

Keeping track of the Irish blogosphere gets tougher as it grows. Top English Tory blogger Iain Dale doesn’t read Slugger much, but he knows a man who does. Richard Waghorne names his favourite Irish blogs, but Iain wants to know if you know more, and better, than those Richard has listed.

Adds: if you are still sceptical about podcasts, check out Iain’s on the politics of Frank Sinatra.


    Good news clippings but maybe not to a Tory’s heart. I see this Tory claims “Northern Ireland” is not in Ulster. Oh well.

  • Taigs

    he’s using the Euro-constituency map.


    American lefty bloggers meet in Vegas, Ameirca’s answer to Ulster’s Bundoran. I wonder has Ireland (32) the critical mas to make blogging a force, rather than just an addendum for extremist Brtiish politicians.
    Thanks Pakman. You are in my prayers today.


    This dude is leaving Herr Gates. Read his entries on podcasting and see the amount of money they are being paid in ads. Awesome as the Yanks say.So much for man from the Daily Guardian.

    Ganbatte Nippon!!

    One more (an An tSeapáin na hOckers faic)

  • Slugger, I do now!

  • 1. What do you mean by me claiming Northern Ireland is not in Ulster?!!!

  • Ian: What do you mean by me claiming Northern Ireland is not in Ulster?!!!
    Is this a trick question to test my set thheory knowledge?

    Your map shows a place called Northern Ireland and another called Connaught Ulster, which exludes Northern Ireland. So, where precisely is Ulster? Also, some people here say Co Louth is in historic Ulster. So, is Northern Ireland in Ulster, is it not in Ulster or is it Ulster? Please clarify.
    Also, should this place, Wales and Scotland be allowed to ocntinue to enter teams in the World Cup when they are appendages to Mother England?

  • Oh Christ, what have I started?! That will teach me to nick a map from Google… And to answer your first batch of questions, I haven’t got the faintest idea! But the answer to yourt last question is yes. And they are becoming less and less an appendage as time goes on…

  • I quiet Like 🙂

    But seriously the blog has some good people. is good as is

  • Taigs

    Connaught Ulster is the Euro-constituency named, as I understand it, by the Irish government when direct election started.

    Thanks for your prayers today. Didn’t help much in court this afternoon though 😉

  • I think we need a campaign to stop Wales, Scotland and “Northern Ireland” having their own soccer teams.
    Pakman: My prayers dodn’t help Japan either. But they did help Cezech win. Is the Irish government the government of Ireland or just of the gombeen part of it?

  • Taigs

    the Irish government is the government of Ireland- check their constitution. As Dev himself said “Ireland is Ireland without the North”.

  • Pakman: Checked out your blog. Nelson (and James Joyce) said England expects every man to do his duty. Please note he did not refer to the six counties, as in “The Loyal people of Ulster, most of whom were draft dodgers like Dr (sic) Paisley, expects…. Did Dev say that when he was elected for South Down or when he stood against Wee Joe Devlin in Belfast?
    You like Kipling. He never got over his son dying in the “Great” War. What a hypocrite.

    Ireland in the Irish Constitution refers to the island of Ireland and all its seas. I don’t think Dev, Gerry, Denis or Scap can barter that away. Do you?

    Back to blogs. I am sure the right wing of the Tory party will be glad to see you flying the English flag in a part of Ireland, some foreign field and all that:)

  • Taigs

    the name of the state the Irish government actually governs is “Ireland”. See, for example, here.

    As for Kipling, he may have ended up a broken man after his sons’ death at Loos but he certainly was no hypocrite. A perusal of his post war work on the Irish Guards will confirm that view.

    I don’t fly flags, but if I did why would it be the English one? The only appropriate flag for a British mongrel household like mine would be the Union Flag.


    Article 2

    It is the entitlement and birthright of every person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, to be part of the Irish Nation. That is also the entitlement of all persons otherwise qualified in accordance with law to be citizens of Ireland. Furthermore, the Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage

    Pakman: Ireland remains one and indivisable. Maybe if all Unionists moved to the mother country, assuming England would be dumb enough to want more Johnny Adairs in their midst.

    Kipling: Bad poet and a warmonger imho. Not a nice man at all.
    Flags? Oh well. Go Togo but South Korea have already bribed their manager.

  • Taigs

    I think you are failing to grasp the subtle difference between state and nation in Irish constitutional law. To say nothing of the confusion between constitutional law and geography.

    “Ireland remains one and indivisable”. True for the Irish state, maybe true for the Irish nation but as far as the island of Ireland goes not true since 1921.

    Kipling was a jingoist not a warmonger.

    PS Adair lives in Scotland.