Ammunitions find probably linked to Libyan shipment

It appears that the 10,000 rounds of ammunition found in Sligo last week were part of a Libyan shipment from the 1980’s.

Gardai confirmed last night that the find bore all the hallmarks of a Provisional IRA arms dump which had probably been established in the 1980s and forgotten since. The ammunition had been concealed in a Wavin-type pipe which had been sealed with tar onboth ends.

It’s a fair bet that this is not the last time we will hear about this kind of find as it seems quite plausible that as time goes by, those repsonsible for hiding weaponry will have forgotten about it or wont be around any longer. None of that diminishes the seriousness of the intent of the original shipment, but it is unlikely that this was any kind of purposeful cache for present day usage.