Families continue the fight for justice

The Dorrian family plan to mark Lisa’s birthday by renewing their appeal for those protecting her killers to come forward. Meanwhile the McCartney’s hopes have been buoyed with a new witness coming forward.

  • joeCanuck

    My heart goes out to the Dorrian family.
    Two and a half years ago, my sister-in-law was abducted and murdered. It took four months before her body was found, and, thankfully, the brute that did it is now safely behind bars.
    But this family has had to endure 16 months of her disappearence. The grief of not being able to be reunited with her must be close to being unbearable.
    By all accounts, more than one person must know her whereabouts. Is there no humanity in one of them to, at least anonymously, reveal her resting place to the family to let them start to heal?
    God rest you Lisa.