Unfinished business finished

Daily Ireland carry this story on the completion of an iconic mural in Derry.

“The mural of Annette McGavigan – a 14-year-old school girl shot dead by a British soldier on a Derry street in 1971 – had been deliberately left an unfinished work until the guns of the Troubles had become a thing of the past.
The huge mural on a gable wall in Derry’s Bogside will be completed today.
The Bogside artists did not paint a butterfly outline on the top left of the mural until they were satisfied that peace had been achieved in the North.”

While there is no doubt that we are still a long way off from a permanent and agreed solution to our troubles, it is good to remember that we have indeed come a long way. It’s difficult to feel that the past is behind us, and incidents like yesterday’s series of hoax bomb alerts are also a reminder of days that we dont want to re-visit. I don’t know the full story of this particular muriel, but it’s completion would seem to be a sign of increasing comfort with our general absence of violence.