Two beaten in Antrim and Orange Hall and Police attacked in Maghera

Police believe an assault on a man and a teenager at an Antrim barbecue was sectarian. In Maghera, an Orange Hall was petrol bombed and police coming to the aid of men in a broken down van, that had been surrounded by other cars, came under attack. The occupants of the van fled. The BBC report says a link between the two Maghera incidents is being investigated but no further explanation is given. The police seizures earlier this week and appeal for calm have failed to prevent the ongoing pattern of attacks in Maghera.

  • yeah

    And I thought it was just poor nationalists that were intimated by those nasty orange men. Surely this report must be false/wrong ?

  • Nevin
  • friendlyCreggan

    Is there anyone on here from the Maghera area?

    What’s going on there? Why the (seemingly) sudden upsurge of events?

  • “What’s going on there? Why the (seemingly) sudden upsurge of events?”

    What with the Bomb scares in Belfast….. id say it it was just the usual build up to the Funtastic Ulster Summer Season.

    Lets hope the Sunny period continues……

    So we can have the usual carnival